Centro Studi di Politica Internazionale (CeSPI)

CeSPI ETS is an independent and non-profit Think Tank, founded in 1985, performing research and policy-oriented analysis studies, providing advice, projects and policies evaluation and training on many subjects relevant to international relations. Recognised by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, it is member of a wide variety of national and international networks.

CeSPI focuses its extensive expertise on the following areas:

  • Migrants’ Reception, Social Integration and Economic Citizenship policies;
  • Financial Inclusion, Remittances, Co-development;
  • Italian, European and international development cooperation policies, Finance for Sustainable Development; 
  • Monitoring and evaluation of development strategies and policies; 
  • Decentralised cooperation and Local development; 
  • An Open Europe – concerning borders, neighbourhood and global projection;
  • Geopolitical dynamics and trends;
  • Human Rights.
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External influences in the Western Balkans: Where are we at?

Balkan Focus Series

Labour migration in the Western Balkans

Balkan Focus series

The European Political Community

Informality as a key to success

Bosnia-Herzegovina. How to build a viable road to EU membership

Balkan Focus series
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12 - 14/10/2023
Villa Vigoni, Italy (Expert meeting)

The European Political Community from Prague to Granada

Raising up to the challenge of geopolitics?
13 - 15/11/2022
Prague, Czech Republic

Friends of the Western Balkans – Prague

Closed-door roundtable
07 - 08/10/2022
Villa Vigoni, Italy

The EU asylum system in the aftermath of the Ukrainian humanitarian crisis

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Progressive MPs and MEPs advocate for the fulfilment of the promise made in Thessaloniki to the Western Balkans

Open letter to the European leaders ahead of the EU - Western Balkans Summit

Ahead of this week’s European Council, progressive MEPs and MPs urge EU leaders to take resolute actions toward the Western Balkans


First meeting of the Friends of the Western Balkans

How do we get out of the dead end in the enlargement process?