Host in Brussels “à la rentrée”, a network of progressive politicians from across the EU whilst offering them an opportunity to be making part of an intense exploratory experience, which offers insights into EU politics, institutions, and policy fields, and also helps understanding specificities of EU Member States and hence dynamic among them on Brussels level.

The AAA focuses on the state and future of the EU, with specific building elements embedded in the programme: key lectures, thematic focus workshops, skills workshops, masterclasses, country case studies workshops, and visits/insights from the European institutions. The input givers will continue being prominent academics/politicians/trade unionists/civil society actors, whilst the target group will remain “the most promising, already elected young politicians, as nominated by FEPS Member Foundations”.

Whilst the design of the programme is by nature evolving, in principle, it includes a lecture by a prominent personality, direct exchanges with the European leaders, discussions on the priority topics with the European stakeholders, as also meeting with progressive allies and partners, such as the Party of European Socialists and PES Women, the S&D Group in the European Parliament, PES Group at the Committee of Regions, Young European Socialists, and Rainbow Rose, among others.

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18 - 20/09/2023
FEPS HQ - Training

FEPS Annual Autumn Academy 2023

Beyond 2024
Vienna, Austria - Training

The promise of freedom and democracy

European Social Democracy ahead of the 2024 EP elections
23 - 26/10/2022

FEPS Annual Autumn Academy 2022

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Highlights FEPS Annual Autumn Academy

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Annual Autumn Academy 2023

Beyond 2024

FEPS Annual Autumn Academy 2022

FEPS Annual Autumn Academy 2021 | Summary Video

FEPS Autumn Academy

Highlights of FEPS Annual Autumn Academy 2019 (1st Edition)

Network and Team

Caitlin REDER

Project Officer


Director for Research and Training

Elena GIL

Training and Project Coordinator
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