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FEPS President

Since 2017, Maria João Rodrigues is the President of the Foundation for European Progressive Studies (FEPS), the only progressive think tank at the European level, formed by forty national member foundations across Europe.

Maria João Rodrigues former Portuguese minister of Prime Minister Antonio Guterres, is a European politician with a long track in all European institutions: EU Presidencies, Council, European Council, European Commission and, more recently, European Parliament. She played a relevant role is several big European initiatives: the EU growth and jobs strategy, the Lisbon Treaty, the Eurozone reform, the European Social Pillar, the interface with EU external strategic partners and the Roadmap for EU’s future.

Recently, she was Vice-President of S&D Group in the European Parliament, a parliamentary group with 189 members from all Member States, where she was in charge of the coordination of the parliamentary work and the inter-institutional negotiation on the EU agenda.

As an academic, she is full professor and was the Chair of the European Commission Board for socio-economic research. She has around one hundred publications and as expert and politician, has done more than two thousands conferences across Europe and the world.

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EU Treaties – Why they need targeted changes

An approach based on European public goods, citizenship and democracy

Progressive Yearbook 2023

Looking back to look ahead

Global Policy Dialogue

Addressing the triple planetary crisis through improved global governance

Transforming the Political Union

Reinforcing europarties ahead of the European elections
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Progressive Post

Europe in times of wars


The West in the minority or the reform of global governance


A war of the 20th century and challenges of the 21st one


Enlarging, deepening, re-positioning – the European equation ahead

By granting candidate status to Ukraine and Moldova and by recommitting to the EU membership of the Western Balkans, the European Union opened a new phase of its enlargement which will redesign the European political map again. It was undoubtedly the right decision to assert European sovereignty and also to welcome an embattled country which is showing with bravery that it belongs to the European future and not to a war of the past. A war of the past in Europe because it combines the clash of empires of WW I with the clash of political regimes of WW II. The future in Europe is being created by the values of freedom, equality, solidarity, democracy and sustainability and by a process of European integration which involves enlargement but also deepening. Deepening is a pre-condition for successful enlargement. But as enlargement has now become a political and moral imperative, the issue today is not about choosing between one or another. It is rather about how to make both with a new approach.

The implications of the war in Ukraine for the European project


The EU should rise to rescue a European democratic nation from foreign tyranny


Socialist Party wins absolute majority in Portugal: how was this possible?

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European Parliament, Brussels

Shaping Europe’s digital model

Building alliances for a progressive European vision
Claridge, Brussels

Transforming capitalism in the Age of AI

European and progressive approach to digital transformation
Málaga, Spain (Expert meeting)

Leading, not leaning

The ways PES can be a pioneer in the sphere of transnational politcs in 2024 and beyond
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The EU at the time of the New Cold War

A manifesto signed by FEPS President and FEPS Secretary General

FEPS President at the SDG Summit and United Nations General Assembly in New York


Open Progressive University

FEPS launches first e-learning platform for Social Democrats
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In the media

Um conclave pelo futuro da Europa

by Diario de Noticias 27/11/2023
Maria João Rodrigues participated in the 'Conclave' on the future of Europe. A transdisciplinary forum that discussed the essential questions to be asked and the answers to be given to European leaders.

Une réforme de l’UE qui intéressera forcément les Suisses

by Le Temps 24/11/2023
'EU reform bound to be of interest to the Swiss', an opinion piece in Le Temps on EU Treaties changes by Maria João Rodrigues, FEPS President, Guillaume Klossa, Director of think tank EuropaNova and Daniela Schwarzer, Executive board member Bertelsmann Stiftung

« Le moment est venu de lancer un débat sur la réforme de l’Union européenne »

by Le Monde 22/11/2023
'The time has come to launch a debate on the reform of the European Union', an opinion piece in Le Monde on Eu Treaties changes by Maria João Rodrigues, FEPS President, Guillaume Klossa, Director of think tank EuropaNova and Daniela Schwarzer, Executive board member Bertelsmann Stiftung

A Europa em tempo de guerras

by Público 06/11/2023
'Europe in times of wars'. With two wars unfolding in the European neighbourhood, FEPS President, Maria João Rodrigues, reflects in Público on the EU's capacity to play its role as a major international actor and exert its own strategic autonomy

La Unión Europea en tiempos de la nueva Guerra Fría. Un manifiesto

by El país 05/10/2023
El Pais article about the 'European Integration at the Time of the New Cold War' manifesto signed by FEPS President and Secretary General
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‘Transforming capitalism in the Age of AI’ Flickr album

EU Treaties Flickr Album

First meeting of the Feminist Foreign Policy Progressive Voices Collective

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