Feps Podcasts

Social democracy and the working class with Jonas Pontusson

FEPS Talks #146

Brexit: A cautionary tale with Catherine Barnard

FEPS Talks #145

Social Europe. Vision and Vigour with Björn Hacker

FEPS Talks #144

The social economy and the Polanyian perspective

FEPS Talk #143

Interview with Minister Teresa Ribera, FEPS Progressive Person of the Year

FEPS Talks #142

Global China and European derisking

FEPS Talks #141

A new peace process needed

FEPS Talks #140

#139 FEPS Talks ‘Lula’s new government: the prospects for the EU-Brazil relations’

#138 FEPS Talks ‘Policies and pacts for better migration’

#137 FEPS Talks ‘Families in crisis and the case for a progressive child policy’

#136 FEPS Talks ‘Protecting and enhancing welfare in Europe’

#135 FEPS Talks ‘For a renewed and re-empowering global ambition’

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