Feps Podcasts

#123 FEPS Talks Universities in war and peace

#122 FEPS Talks: China-Russia cooperation and the war in Ukraine: a complex relation

#121 FEPS Talks: Sanctions on Russia: the German and wider European debate

#120 FEPS Talks: the politics of care

#119 FEPS Talks: The Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism in the EU and the World

#118 FEPS Talks: The war in Ukraine and the future of EU Enlargement

#117 FEPS Talks: How COVID changed the labour market?

#116 FEPS Talks: Creating momentum for fair pay

#115 FEPS Talks: The Wellbeing Economy: inclusive decision making, indicators and policies

#114 FEPS Talks: For strong, inclusive and imaginative social democracy

#113 FEPS Talks: The 21st century starts now: how EU diplomacy can solve the Ukraine-Russia conflict

#112 FEPS Talks: The acceleration of Social Europe: achievements and EU legitimacy

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