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Felipe González Foundation has a double purpose: learning from the past and contributing to the future. Based on this principle, it is responsible for managing the archive of Felipe González’ documents so all citizens can access it, and organizes and supports activities and projects that push for progress and offer tools for society to tackle the challenges of the 21st century.

The GENERA Intergenerational Forum project is an initiative of Felipe González Foundation in collaboration with FEPS, La Caixa Foundation, Public Agenda and Resolution Foundation that aims to be a meeting point between generations. By carrying out seminars and studies, it offers a better understanding of the current intergenerational disagreement in order to suggest the necessary changes to strengthen and renew the social contract between generations.

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How young people facing disadvantage view democracy in Europe 

Builders of Progress series

Youth support for democracy in Spain

Democracy in the face of disadvantage

The generational impact of the Coronavirus pandemic


Youth, Internet and Democracy

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FEPS HQ, Brussels

Youth support for democracy in Europe

Democracy in the face of disadvantage
Madrid, Spain

Youth support for democracy in Spain

Democracy in the face of disadvantage
Barcelona, Spain - Training

Dreaming transformations

From utopia to public administration
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Millennials in Spain The catalysts for renewal of contemporary politics?

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La fundación de Felipe González estudia el impacto generacional del coronavirus – ECA