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The Euro-Mediterranean dialogue: prospects for an area of prosperity and security

The official starting point of the EU-Mediterranean relations – after the less known Global Mediterranean […]

Fair, robust and sustainable

A recipe for Europe's growth

Democratic Legitimacy and Political Leadership in the European Union

The EU must be able to re-establish the primacy of politics over economics and encourage […]

Renaissance for Europe – 10 provoking thoughts

Renaissance for Europe initiative was born out of intellectual and political desire to open a […]
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UNited for a different migration

On 11 July 2018 after lengthy consultations with stakeholders and negotiations among the UN Member […]

The EU and migration: Managing flows, overcoming divisions

On the eve of a summer that once again could prove difficult due to the […]
21 - 22/03/2017

Looking for a different Europe. Reflections and perspectives

Upon invitation only On 25th March 2017 Europe will celebrate the 60th anniversary of the […]
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Launch of the Book ‘Daesh and the terrorist threat: from the Middle East to Europe’ -Jeunesse, Radicalisation & Terrorism

On September 12, six months after the terrorist attacks in Brussels, the Foundation for European […]

US Presidential Election Roadshow

The 2016 U.S. Presidential election has been a polarising event, both in the United States and […]

Activity Report ‘More Europe vs. No Europe’

Here you can read the activity report of the FEPS Next Left National Roundtable debate […]