Masarykova Demokraticka Akademie

The Masaryk Democratic Academy think-tank is a political institute of the Czech Social Democratic Party. It is a member of FEPS Bureau. It strives for an open, cohesive and sustainable society and develops social democratic values of freedom, solidarity and justice. 

It aims to bring high-quality and accessible studies, connect Czech and foreign debate, bring together active people and experts, get important topics into the media and introduce them to politicians.

The tradition of the Masaryk Democratic Academy dates back to 1896, when it was founded by Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk and Josef Steiner.

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The social democratic parties in the Visegrád countries

Predicaments and prospects for progressivism

Voting during pandemics

Making democracy resilient in turbulent times

Concrete actions for social and affordable housing in the EU


To inspire Europe

Insights from the success story of social democracy in Spain
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22 - 24/06/2023
Thessaloniki, Greece (Expert meeting)

Friends of the Western Balkans Thessaloniki meeting

20 years anniversary of the Thessaloniki Declaration
13 - 15/11/2022
Prague, Czech Republic

Friends of the Western Balkans

Closed-door roundtable
Prague, Czech Republic

Call to Europe – Prague edition

Addressing the crises: costs, COVID-19, climate and conflict
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Friends of the Western Balkans’ statement


Progressive MPs and MEPs advocate for the fulfilment of the promise made in Thessaloniki to the Western Balkans

Open letter to the European leaders ahead of the EU - Western Balkans Summit

Ahead of this week’s European Council, progressive MEPs and MPs urge EU leaders to take resolute actions toward the Western Balkans

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Friends of the Western Balkans Thessaloniki meeting

20 years anniversary of the Thessaloniki Declaration

Call to Europe Prague: Interview with László Andor

Call to Europe – Prague edition