Disinformation on migration in the EU: Narratives and counter-narratives

Roundtable discussion – Tuesday 10 March 2020 In the framework of their project on “Disinformation […]


Roundtable discussion – Tuesday 10 March 2020

In the framework of their project on “Disinformation about migration in the EU”, FEPS, the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung and the European Policy Cetre organise a roundtable discussion focusing on narratives and counter-narratives.

The project seeks to map existing disinformation narratives in the field of migration and provide targeted recommendations on how to develop counter-narratives and most effectively address disinformation from a communications perspective.

The first roundtable will steer the initial direction of the project, with a view to determining methodological guidance for the research, a preliminary overview of the disinformation situation in key chosen countries and Europe as a whole, and input from communications actors on how the project can best support their work. It will bring together EU actors, civil society organisations with long-standing communication and advocacy strategies, academics and political communication experts.

This is a closed door event.

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