Due to disinformation, a majority of Europeans believe that the migrant population in the EU is 16% when it is actually less than HALF that number! It’s just 7%. Disinformation distorts perceptions and shapes political discourse. It taps into people’s worries, amplifying them. Manipulated statistics, out-of-context information, and false claims about migrants and refugees are particularly pervasive.

Disinformation about migration is everywhere. What can the EU do about it?

To make people more resilient against fake news about migration, the EU needs to switch from a reactive to a pro-active approach; from a debunking method to “pre-bunking” one centred around foresight and media and information literacy.

This video summarizes the results of a research project conducted by the Foundation for European Progressive Studies (FEPS), the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung (FES) and the European Policy Centre (EPC) and presents concrete policy proposals to create the conditions for a more balanced and informed debate about migration.

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Le Grand Enfumage

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From debunking to prebunking: How to get ahead of disinformation on migration in the EU

Despite increasing efforts to address disinformation, EU institutions, national governments and civil society still struggle […]

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Rather than trying to counter disinformation stories about migrants directly, communication professionals and policymakers must […]

European public opinions and migration: Achieving common progressive narratives

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Berlin, Germany

Strategien gegen migrationsbezogene Desinformation

Strategies against migration-related disinformation
Rome, Italy

Migrazione e disinformazione dopo l’invasione dell’Ucraina

Migration and disinformation after the invasion of Ukraine
EPC Headquarters, Brussels

Disinformation on migration after the invasion of Ukraine

Building up resilience against fake news
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Progressive Post

Ukraine’s plight


Solidarity without borders?


The implications of the war in Ukraine for the European project

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How to fight disinformation on migration in the EU?

#20 FEPS Talks: Myths and truths about African migration

Network and Team

Arthur CADY

Project Officer
Arthur is FEPS project officer for international relations projects. Before joining FEPS at the end […]


Senior Research Fellow and Editor in Chief of the Progressive Post
Hedwig is FEPS Senior Research Fellow and Editor-in-chief of the Progressive Post, the magazine run […]