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EU-Russia relations series II

With ups and downs in the past few years, tensions between Russia and the EU […]

Turkish Diaspora in Europe

More than 5 million people of Turkish descent live in Europe. The questions of migration […]
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13 - 15/11/2022
Prague, Czech Republic

Friends of the Western Balkans

Closed-door roundtable
Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

Africa Day 2022

Amsterdam, 28 May 2022 After two years in which it was not possible to organise […]

War in Ukraine: consequences for the EU’s eastern policy

Vienna (Austria), 14 March 2022, 18:30–20:00 The study of the relations between the EU and […]
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Progressive MPs and MEPs advocate for the fulfilment of the promise made in Thessaloniki to the Western Balkans

Open letter to the European leaders ahead of the EU - Western Balkans Summit

Ahead of this week’s European Council, progressive MEPs and MPs urge EU leaders to take resolute actions toward the Western Balkans

On 17 and 18 June, the ‘Friends of the Western Balkans’, the newly established network […]

First meeting of the Friends of the Western Balkans

How do we get out of the dead end in the enlargement process?
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Africa Day 2022

Let me say this: another world is possible!

On 17 December 2021, we launched this final Let me say this video during an […]

Let me say this… Video #9 – LGBTIQ rights