FEPS Newsletter 15 Sept 2023 – AI at the workplace

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Led by machines, SDG Summit, Ukraine…
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Disclaimer: what you are about to read, was thought and typed by a real human.
Yes, AI makes our lives easier, but at what cost? We demand a human-centric AI, to be enshrined in regulations and put into practice on the work floor.

The rapid advancement of AI technology has left even its foremost developers pondering the future and raised important questions: What lies beyond it, and how will it reshape our jobs? To get an answer, we joined forces with our Nordic partners on a Digital Programme focused on investigating AI in the workplace. We are now actively engaging with workers to understand their experiences with algorithmic management while analysing the diverse ways in which various industries implement automated management systems to oversee their workforce.

As workers, it’s imperative that we advocate for transparency in the algorithms that dictate our tasks and evaluate our performance.

Led by machines
21 September – Stockholm, Sweden
This public launch of the FEPS-Nordics Digital Programme on Algorithmic Management and Workers’ Rights will bring together researchers, policymakers, trade unionists and other stakeholders
from the Nordic countries and beyond to discuss the effects of digital tech on the nature of work itself across the labour market.
Check the latest Progressive Post’s dossier on the topic.

The fear that an unchecked arms race in AI development could wreak havoc on society is looming large.
Photo credits: Shutterstock/ gopixa
What efforts did the EU undertake to regulate AI? In an article published on Social Europe, Gerard Rinse Oosterwijk, FEPS Policy Analyst on Digital, explains how not just the AI Act, but also the Platform Work Directive will be critical for human controls on automated management. Read more.
Photo credits: Shutterstock/ Antonello Marangi
By Johannah Bernstein, David Collste, Sandrine
Dixson-Declève and Nathalie Spittler
Ahead of the UN’s SDG Summit, FEPS, together with Earth4All, unveiled groundbreaking research showing how policymakers can ensure the implementation of SDGs by 2050 and respond to the planetary emergency.

It will take a Giant Leap, notably five extraordinary turnarounds implemented simultaneously and immediately. Without these actions, we will condemn future generations to a dangerously destabilised planet. Read more.
FEPS President Maria JoΓ£o Rodrigues is in New York this week on the occasion of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) and the SDG Summit.
She is presenting our latest research on SDGs, participating in several meetings with UN representatives and UNGA side events and related activities. Read more.
Photo credits: United Nations
27 September – FEPS HQ
More than one year and a half after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, when emotional fatigue and disengagement may start showing up, FEPS invites you to get stimulus for an informed debate about Ukraine’s future in Europe.
Join a roundtable with the editors and some of the authors of the book 📕β€˜Europe and the war in Ukraine. From Russian aggression to a new Eastern policy‘.
This November, snap elections are scheduled in the Netherlands. For these polls, the Dutch Social Democrats (PvdA) have decided to present a common list and platform with GroenLinks (GreenLeft).
This article, written with the co-authorship of Ties Huis in β€˜t Veld, the international secretary of the PvdA, provides an explanation for that political choice. Read more.
Photo credits: PvdA
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