FEPS Newsletter 16 Feb 2024 – Social pillar, gender, cohesion, Ukraine and more!

📅 FEPS Newsletter: Social pillar, gender, cohesion, Ukraine and more!
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Upcoming Events

Implementing the European Pillar of Social Rights 20 thematic principles must remain pivotal in the upcoming agenda.

This policy study, prepared alongside FEPS, Solidar, AK EUROPA, Social Platform and the European Policy Centre, offers an analysis of the EU’s progress in advancing equal opportunities, improving working conditions, and strengthening social protection and inclusion as envisioned by the EPSR at both national and European levels. The importance of the Social Pillar, both as a guiding compass and counter-crisis narrative, has never been more critical. Read more.

This publication was launched on 12 February in the Austrian Permanent Representation alongside our partners.
UPCOMING EVENT 23 February – Barcelona, Spain

The situation of women in the workplace is one of the areas where we have the most opportunities to continue progressing. Spain is one of the countries that, in recent years, has made the most progress in the fight against gender inequalities in the world of work.

In this conference, organised together with Fundació Rafael Campalans and the FES, we will look at socialist feminist policies on the labour market, joined by renowned speakers, including Ana Redondo, Spanish Minister of Equality of the Government.

Two years into Russia’s aggression, Ukraine’s economy has not fully transitioned into a wartime model.

During this online webinar, FEPS will bring a panel of distinguished policy experts to discuss what a war economy entails and what policies can be recommended for Ukraine, considering its current challenging circumstances. We will analyse actions that have already been taken, challenges that have emerged and recommend the next steps that need to be implemented.

With Commissioner Elisa Ferreira and a panel of policymaking experts, this event will elaborate on the added value and performance of the Cohesion Policy, knowing that the next EU legislature will face difficult debates on the next Multiannual Financial Framework.

Ahead of the upcoming European elections and the launch of the European Commission’s report on ‘Economic, Social, and Territorial Cohesion’, this public event will reflect on the current Commission’s work in this field and outline key elements of the next chapter.

Almost 50% of women leaders in Civil Society Organisations (CSO) exhibit signs of pre-burnout. These challenges are systemic, not personal!

On February 19, we will unveil the findings of the upcoming policy study ‘Women CSO leaders for systemic change – How to support Feminist Leadership’. This first-ever study of its kind takes stock of the last decade’s progress and identifies remaining barriers and opportunities to pave the way for transformative leadership and systemic change!

The co-authors of this study, prepared by FEPS, FES, Green European Foundation and Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung EU, will showcase their research from nearly 150 comprehensive interviews with women CSO leaders. Read more.

In the last few weeks, farmers’ protests swept Brussels, blocking the European district and crashing in front of the European Parliament. The protests were also happening in other countries: France, Italy and earlier in January in Germany. The range of farmers’ complaints is wide: red tape from the EU and governments, the EU Green Deal, high fuel and fertiliser prices and competition from cheap imports.

Belgian Prime Minister Alexander De Croo said EU leaders tasked their agriculture ministers to devise a plan to reduce the administrative burden by the Agriculture Council on 26 February. Though very welcome, this step is clearly not enough.
Read more.
Photo credits: Shutterstock / Alexandros Michailidis
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    FEPS Newsletter 16 Feb 2024 – Social pillar, gender, cohesion, Ukraine and more! Progressive Post

FEPS Newsletter 16 Feb 2024 – Social pillar, gender, cohesion, Ukraine and more!

  • cover book

    FEPS Newsletter 16 Feb 2024 – Social pillar, gender, cohesion, Ukraine and more! Progressive Post

FEPS Newsletter 16 Feb 2024 – Social pillar, gender, cohesion, Ukraine and more!

  • cover book

    FEPS Newsletter 16 Feb 2024 – Social pillar, gender, cohesion, Ukraine and more! Progressive Post

FEPS Newsletter 16 Feb 2024 – Social pillar, gender, cohesion, Ukraine and more!

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