FEPS Newsletter 17 Feb 2023 – Education, child guarantee and Ukraine

πŸ“… FEPS Newsletter: Education, child guarantee and Ukraine
Child guarantee, Foresight series & events
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Upcoming Events
What are the long-term consequences of the war in Ukraine? So far, it is terra incognita, but we shed some light with our latest policy brief and expert meeting. They also prepare us for next week’s event: save the date and join us to pay tribute to the defenders of Ukrainian independence. The other focus of our week was education: whom and what is it there for, and why must progressives keep fighting for a Child Union.
By Margarita LeΓ³n, Christian Morabito, Emmanuele Pavolini and Michel Vandenbroeck

How efficient are Child Guarantee National Action Plans in addressing inequalities in access to childcare? This study answers the question by taking four member states as case studies: Belgium, Finland, Italy and Spain. Progressives must continue to fight for a Child Union, that recognises and invests in childcare as a right and the foundation of education and emancipation of EU citizens in the 21st century. This is a paramount welfare policy to promote present and future fairness and resilience of EU economies. Read more.
By Giovanni Grevi

What are the implications of the war in Ukraine for the different dimensions of international affairs? What lies ahead is terra incognita, a strategic landscape with no historical analogies. This policy brief offers the strategic foresight necessary to explore this territory, make sense of potential developments, and guide action. Read more.
23 February – Online

This event will mark the first anniversary of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Paying tribute to the defenders of Ukrainian independence, we will highlight the EU solidarity efforts and preparations for reconstruction.

It will also be an opportunity to take stock of FEPS work since February 2022 and outline forthcoming action. Among the participants, LΓ‘szlΓ³ Andor, FEPS Secretary General and Uwe Optenhoegel, FEPS Vice-President, editors of the soon-to-be-published FEPS-London Publishing Partnership book on the ongoing war in Ukraine, and many more.
15 February – FEPS HQ (Hybrid)

Participants from the EU institutions, diplomatic representations, civil society, and academic and business sectors discussed key prospects for international trade and global supply chains in the long run. We shared insightful remarks on the prospects for (de-)globalisation, the scope for cooperation to prevent unilateral trade measures, and the balance between resilience and efficiency in strengthening global supply chains.
By Mikael Leyi

Capitalist dynamics have shown their limits in all spheres, but they endure in one of the most fundamental areas of society: education. β€˜Commodification of education’ is the name we give to this phenomenon: it is where most opportunities to curb inequalities go to die. From educational technology (EdTech) to so-called β€˜marketable skills’, it is time for governments to truly ask themselves for whom and what education is there for? Read more.

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