FEPS Newsletter 19 Jan 2024 – Getting ready for some busy days at FEPS HQ!

📅 FEPS Newsletter: Getting ready for some busy days at FEPS HQ!
Progressive Yearbook, youth, gender, UK-EU, and much more on the agenda
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Upcoming Events
We’re getting ready for a busy week at FEPS headquarters!

In the midst of the FEPS Bureau and Scientific Council meetings, we will launch the 5th edition of the Progressive Yearbook and announce FEPS Progressive Person of the Year.

Our survey results with fresh data on how young people facing disadvantage view democracy in Europe will be launched next Tuesday. Spaces are limited, but there is still time to join us.

We are also traveling to London, Vienna, Copenhagen, and Helsinki for joint events with FEPS national member foundations on exciting projects. Stay tuned!
24 January – FEPS HQ

On January 24, join us at the launch of the fifth edition of one of our most unique publications, the Progressive Yearbook. We will also reveal and interview FEPS Progressive Person of the Year.

With the mission of looking back to look ahead, it focuses on transversal European issues that have left a mark on 2023 and brings insightful future-looking analyses.

This yearly edition counts on renowned authors’ contributions, including academics, politicians, and civil society representatives.
Democracy in the face of disadvantage
23 January – FEPS HQ

Join us as we unveil the findings of an 18-month research project. We captured the perspectives of over 100 young people from disadvantaged backgrounds across five EU countries —🇭🇺 Hungary, 🇮🇪 Ireland, 🇫🇷 France, 🇵🇱 Poland, and 🇪🇸 Spain. Complemented by insights from over 50 experts in politics, youth work, and academia, the survey analyses young people’s attitudes toward democracy.

What needs to be done to integrate young people and protect democracy? We’ll explore this question alongside Fundacion Felipe González, Fondation Jean-Jaurès (FJJ), Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES) and Szociális Demokráciáért Intézet.

FEPS-Fabian New Year Conference
Plans for power
20 January – London, UK – Hybrid

Continuing the tradition established a decade ago between FEPS and the Fabian Society and as we head into a crucial year, join us online or at London’s Guildhall to hear from leading voices in the Labour Party about their plans for power.

Among the speakers present at the conference, there will be members of the UK Parliament Emily Thornberry; David Lammy; Thangam Debonnaire; Anneliese Dodds; Seema Malhotra as well as Pedro Silva Pereira, VP of the EP; Miguel Costa Matos, MP in Portugal, and many more.

19 January – Vienna, Austria

If women‘s rights are called into question, democracy and the rule of law as a whole are called into question. In the spirit of former National Council President Barbara Prammer, we took the 10th Barbara-Prammer-Symposium as an opportunity to gather women across different sectors.

With the SPÖ Federal Women, the Karl-Renner-Institut, and the SPÖ Parliament Club.

FEPS President, Maria João Rodrigues, was on the panel Brussels, My Love on Euronews to discuss the root causes of farmers’ fury in Germany, break down the recently agreed EU fiscal rules reform, and address Charles Michel’s decision to quit his job early to run for MEP.

Are you passionate about Polish progressive policies? Do you have experience in research project management?

FEPS and FES Warsaw are looking for a skilled research project manager to help us implement the last phase of our project ‘Social democracy without people’, which analyses the sources of the popularity of authoritarian populism in Poland.

Interested? You have until 31 January 2024 to submit your application!
By László Andor

After two years of war in Ukraine, several geopolitical consequences of Vladimir Putin’s fatal decision to commit aggression against a neighbouring country are becoming clear. The expansion of NATO in the Baltic region and the enlargement of the BRICS group are certainly among the most important ones which will remain with us. Another consequence, more discreet, but definitely creative and which could perhaps have even more significant fallout in the long run, has been the creation of the European Political Community (EPC). Read more.
Photo credits: European Union
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