FEPS Newsletter 20 Dec 2023 – πŸŽ„ FEPS Season’s Greetings and a happy and progressive 2024!

πŸŽ„ FEPS Season's Greetings and a happy and progressive 2024!
See you next year!
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Dear Friends,

The New Year will be one when European citizens can choose again. Ahead of us is the vision of a progressive Europe which is capable of acting together more effectively for prosperity, peace and human rights.

But the competition is always tough, the debate is sometimes rough, and we saw in a number of recent elections that the strengthening of constructive voices and forces cannot be taken for granted. And the evil of war is not only haunting us but continues to take a heavy toll in our neighbourhood.

For us, socialists and democrats, the European Union is part of the solution, and it is time to show how, in the next cycle, more can be done to improve health labour and housing conditions and continue the struggle for gender equality.

The holiday season should be a time to dream, but also to think about the concrete steps that would turn our ideals into reality in the coming year!

Maria JoΓ£o Rodrigues, FEPS President
LΓ‘szlΓ³ Andor, FEPS Secretary General
Progressive Yearbook 2024
24 January – FEPS Headquarters, Brussels

FEPS is launching the fifth edition of one of its most unique yearly publications, the Progressive Yearbook 2024. On the same occasion, we will reveal FEPS personality of the year.

With the mission of bringing forward analysis of the key political developments of the year, the Progressive Yearbook focuses on transversal European issues that have left a mark on 2023. It brings insightful future-looking analysis and symbolises FEPS readiness to put it into perspective.

Join us for the exciting launch of the Progressive Yearbook 2024!

In this new edition of the Progressive Post, the Special Coverage looks at EU fiscal rules, particularly at the long-awaited proposal to reform the EU fiscal governance which was presented by the European Commission in April. The plan aimed to address the shortcomings of the current framework, promote growth and sustainability and reduce high public debt ratios but it lacks ambition. It falls short of enabling the green and social transition, and lacks instruments to improve the democratic legitimacy and transparency of the decision-making process.

The Focus is dedicated to Turkey, a heavyweight of the European neighbourhood, an EU candidate country – but one with which the EU has a progressively deteriorating relationship. One Dossier looks at Latin America, whose nations are increasingly breaking free from the traditional alignment of their foreign policy with more powerful allies in the northern hemisphere. The other Dossier on Progressive cities in Europe offers a range of examples from European cities where a transformation towards sustainability is currently taking place concretely and on the ground, thanks to the vision and ambitions of progressive administrations.
Read more.
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