FEPS Newsletter 20 Jan 2023 – #NextLeft news, many events & more!

📅FEPS Newsletter: #NextLeft news, many events & more!
Events in Lisbon, London, Brazil, Vienna and Brussels & #NextLeft news!
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Upcoming Events
This week, we present the new deliverables of the #NextLeft series: books, an upcoming high-level event in Lisbon, a podcast and related articles. But it’s not all! Don’t miss next week’s Progressive Yearbook launch, among other events FEPS is co-organising, taking place in Brazil, London, Brussels and Vienna.
23 January – Lisbon, Portugal

FEPS, together with the Karl-Renner-Institut and the Portuguese Socialist Party (PS), is co-hosting this public conference, which constitutes one of the four pillars of the two-day programme. The latter includes closed-door meetings between Portuguese government officials and high-level academics. But also a high-level expert Next Left focus group meeting to jointly discuss proposals for the future of social democracy in the EU. On this occasion, there will also be a sneak peek at the upcoming Next Left volume 14.

Among the participants, we can find renowned speakers such as José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, former Spanish Prime Minister; Maria João Rodrigues, FEPS President and former Portugal Employment Minister; Jamila Madeira, PS International Secretary; Augusto Santos Silva, former Portugal Foreign Affairs Minister; João Torres, PS Deputy Secretary General; Andreas Schieder, Head of the EP S&D Austrian Delegation, and Chair of the Next Left Research Program; Maria Maltschnig, Director of the Karl-Renner Institute and members of the Next Left Focus Group.

Progressivism after COVID
By Andreas Schieder, László Andor, Maria Maltschnig, Nadia Carboni, Ania Skrzypek, Eleonora Poli and many more

The 12th volume of the Next Left book series continues the tradition started in 2009 by FEPS and Karl-Renner-Institut to promote innovative ideas about the future of Social Democracy. This book gathers the results of research conducted under Andreas Schieder on diverse aspects of social-democratic performance in the difficult COVID time. Read more.

ℹ️Find here the full Next Left series!

Progressive proposals for turbulent times
By Andreas Schieder, László Andor, Maria Maltschnig, Andrius Bielskis, Maria Skóra, Cornel Ban, Ania Skrzypek and many more

In the 13th volume, the authors conducted research that allowed to correlate tough lessons from the pandemic and translate these into proposals that could empower Progressives to build back better also internally. The book suggests ways in which the movement can consolidate its narrative, regain its confidence, revive in-house processes, and reconnect with citizens – all to become a viable alternative in times of anxiety and discontent. Read more.
#127 FEPS Talks Podcast

🎙️Jamila Madeira, MP and International Secretary of PS in Portugal, shares with Ania Skrzypek, FEPS Director for Research and Training, the key rules that determine Portuguese Socialists’ Governmental Strategy. Integrity, trustworthiness, the ability to learn from mistakes, and determination, laid fundaments to a new kind of politics. It was needed to modernise the country, lift people from poverty and safeguard a more prosperous European future for everyone.

🎧 Listen to this podcast on Spotify | Apple Podcast | Website
By Krzysztof Gawkowski, Maria Maltschnig, Anneliese Dodds and Ania Skrzypek

Read the dossier on Next Left which includes the following articles:

Towards normality!‘ by Krzysztof Gawkowski
Why we need an active state, (especially) right now‘ by Maria Maltschnig
A fairer, greener future‘ interview between Anneliese Dodds and Ania Skrzypek
📰 Read the full Dossier here.
18 November 2022 – Brussels, Belgium

FEPS and Karl-Renner-Institut organised a strategic colloquium, that was inaugurated with a special guest lecture of the FEPS Next Left Research Programme by Ass. Professor Tarik Abou-Chadi from the Nuffield College, Oxford University. This lecture was part of the Next Left Research Programme, which has the ambition to contribute to progressive thinking, propose innovative paths, and help reinforcement of social democrats on the local, regional, and national, European and global levels.

26 January – FEPS HQ, Brussels

FEPS is launching the fourth edition of one of its most unique yearly publications: the Progressive Yearbook. On the same occasion, our Secretary General László Andor will reveal and interview FEPS personality of the year.

The Progressive Yearbook focuses on transversal European issues that have left a mark on 2022 and brings insightful future-looking analysis for the new year. This yearly edition counts on renowned authors’ contributions, including academics, politicians, and civil society representatives.
21 January – London, UK (Hybrid)

This month, we will also host another edition of the New Year Reception, a longstanding tradition by the Fabian Society and FEPS.

Katarina Barley, Vice-President of the European Parliament; Pedro Silva Pereira, Vice-President of the European Parliament; João Albuquerque, Member of the European Parliament; Sara Cerdas, Member of the European Parliament; Stewart Wood, Labour member of the House of Lords, and many more will gather to discuss the left’s ‘Pathway to Power’.
19-20 January – Recife, Brazil (Hybrid)

FEPS, together with Plataforma Cipó, the Stimson Center and other partners, convened in Recife, Brazil, to engage in the third Global Policy Dialogue (GPD).

The GPD provided a platform to discuss innovative solutions for addressing the intersection between climate change, biodiversity, nature loss, pollution, and waste. The conference brought together a diverse group from UN Missions, think tanks, universities, and other civil society organisations.
16 January – Vienna, Austria (Hybrid)

Paying tribute to Barbara Prammer, a staunch women’s rights defender in Austria, FEPS, the SPÖ Federal Women, the Karl-Renner-Institut, and the SPÖ Parliament Club joined forces for the 9th Barbara Prammer Symposium.

In light of the multiple crises and soaring energy bills having a disproportionate impact on women, this year’s overarching theme applied a gender lens on issues ranging from distributive justice to wealth taxation, labour, equality and recovery.

📕During the event, we presented the findings of one of the publications of the 👁️ #RecoveryWatch research: Towards a care-led recovery for the EU?‘. In this Policy Study, a feminist reading is applied to explore how care is addressed in the NextGenerationEU fund.
By Agnès Parent-Thirion, Laeticia Thissen and Aude Boisseuil

In this new dossier, the Progressive Post asks a largely unexplored question: to what extent is our very conception of the idea of ‘productivity’ gendered, when many forms of face-to-face services, among which care work, are incompatible with the logic of increasing productivity?

Read the dossier on mental health which includes the following articles:
– ‘Job quality, the foundation of good working lives‘ by Agnès Parent-Thirion
– ‘One is not born (un)productive, one becomes so‘ by Laeticia Thissen
– ‘The domestic and home care sector: answering the structural weakness of EU member states’ care systems‘ by Aude Boisseuil
📰 Read the full Dossier here.

Health has also been a major topic for FEPS. You can find everything we did (research, events, articles, etc) on our website.
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