FEPS Newsletter 20 Oct 2023 – ⚕️European Health Union, Feminist Foreign Policy, Next Left and more!

📅 FEPS Newsletter:⚕️European Health Union, Feminist Foreign Policy, Next Left and more!
Health, FFP, Next Left, Social Pillar, tax, fiscal rules…
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It is no surprise that EU citizens want better health services. What can the EU do about it?

The right to health is a fundamental principle within the European Pillar of Social Rights and it stands as a shared commitment for all EU member states. The pandemic prompted the realisation that public health needs to have a pivotal relevance in the EU’s political agenda too.

The idea of forging a European Health Union (EHU) has emerged as a pressing imperative. More and more, the European public sector is expected to promote medical and pharmaceutical innovation, control prices, respond to emergencies, make use of the single market to contain costs, support health and e-health infrastructure, address the regional inequalities in health standards and professionals, etc.

Reaffirming the vital role of health in the future of the European project is essential, here you find some ideas on how to do it.
By Vytenis Andriukaitis, Gediminas Cerniauskas, Corinne Hinlopen, Ilona Kickbusch, Issam Alsamara and many more
Europeans might question the lack of advancement of official EU cooperation on health policy. Indeed, there is no agreement neither on the overall objectives of reformed EU health policy, nor on its actions and instruments.
Explore the origins and legal background of the concept of a European Health Union, delve into the connections with other EU policies and potential treaty changes. This research, in cooperation with EISHD, will guide you through the most urgent steps towards an inclusive and social EHU. 📕 Read more.
📺 Would you like to know more about the book? Watch the video of the book launch event and listen to some of its authors!
By Gerry Mitchell, Emily Murphy, Sara Bojarczuk and Shana Cohen
Mental health is recognised both as an intrinsic human right and as an invaluable resource by the EU. Together with the Think tank for Action on Social Change (TASC), we examine the mental health systems of France, Ireland and Poland, the scale of mental health issues that have arisen during the pandemic, and the extent to which marginalised and at-risk groups receive targeted support. Read more.
Ensuring the right to health is impossible without a sufficient health workforce. Yet, the sizes of the healthcare workforce differ greatly across the EU. This policy brief highlights why health workforce challenges must be part of discussions on an EHU. It explores how existing EU competencies can be used to address these distributional inequalities. Read more.
Walking the talk: Feminist Foreign Policy in action

23 October – Brussels
This conference, co-organised with Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES) office in Brussels, will launch the Feminist Foreign Policy Progressive Voices Collective to develop policy recommendations for a European Feminist Foreign Policy (FFP).
Join us to explore the necessity of FFP, its challenges and strengths, and the gender bias within connected issues such as trade policy. On stage: Svenja Schulze, Federal Minister for Economic Cooperation and Development, Germany; Ann Linde, Former Swedish Minister for Foreign Affairs; Benedicta Lasi, Secretary General at Socialist International; Heléne Fritzon, MEP and Vice President of the S&D Group; Inma Rodríguez-Piñero, MEP S&D Group; Catherine West, MP and Shadow Foreign Minister for Asia and the Pacific, UK; Arancha González Layla, Former Spanish Minister of Foreign Affairs; and other renowned experts. This event is featured in the EP Gender Equality Week agenda.

And continue the conversation on Tuesday with a book reading by Kristina Lunz 📕’The future of foreign policy is feminist‘. Register here.

24 October – Belfast, Northern Ireland
How to realise a positive vision for Northern Ireland under the Windsor Framework? What would a future relationship between Northern Ireland and the EU look like?
Join us, with TASC, FES and Queen Mary University, to answer these important questions. The event will bring together local councillors, MLAs, NGOs, academics, and representatives from the public sector, among which Pedro Silva Pereira, Vice-President of the EP and Kate Nicholl, Alliance MLA and Former Lord Mayor of Belfast.
Next Left lecture IV
26 October – Brussels – Hybrid
Catherine E. De Vries, Dean of International Affairs and Professor of Political Science at Bocconi University, will present the fourth iteration of the Next Left Lecture.
These Lectures are part of the Next Left Research Programme, co-organised by FEPS and Karl-Renner-Institut, under the leadership of Andreas Schieder, MEP S&D.
FEPS, together with Social Platform, Solidar, AK EUROPA, and European Policy Centre, organised this policy dialogue to propose lines of action to keep the EU Pillar of Social Rights’ spirit and legislative power alive into the next mandate.
FEPS, FES Italian Office and Fondation Jean-Jaurès joined forces with Villa Vigoni and Centro Studi di Politica Internazionale to organise
this timely international seminar to discuss the purpose, structure and future of the European Political Community (EPC), its strategic role and its ties with the EU.

Next Left Country Case Studies

By Philippe Marlière, Armin Puller, Ruxandra Ivan and Rob Manwaring
The new publication series ‘Next Left Country Case Studies’ is an outcome of the work within the Next Left Research Programme by FEPS and Karl-Renner-Institut.
The series explores the state of Social Democracy in France, Austria, Romania and Australia, by looking at their political history, policies and prospects. It then shares the best practices for the Social Democratic movement to move forward on a global scale. Read more.
We need 1 million signatures! Our goal is to tax great wealth to finance the ecological and social transition. We need 1 million signatures from citizens across the EU so that the European Commission will have no choice but to propose legislation on the issue.
FEPS actively supports this initiative. László Andor, FEPS Secretary General, was among its initiators, along with prominent policymakers, academics and activists in the field of social justice and economic democracy.
This week, the European Parliament debated establishing STEP (Strategic Technologies for Europe Platform). STEP is a far cry from what Europe needs for investments in green transition. It can only be considered a temporary step.
Are you passionate about communication, media, and promoting impactful content? FEPS is looking for a dynamic individual to join our team in Brussels.

Read the vacancy notice and apply before 6 November!
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