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Everything is in the name: it’s β€˜open’ because we want to give wide access to it; it’s β€˜progressive’ because it tells the history and values of the progressive movement. It’s the Open Progressive University! The OPU aims to train Progressives from all over Europe and we proudly inaugurated it this week! A week that began with International Biodiversity Day (*a gentle reminder that the preservation of our beautiful planet is everybody’s responsibility*).

So what’s next? Lots of events (mark your calendar) and the weekend, have a good one!
31 May – Online

During this roundtable, we will discuss some of the findings of the Recovery Watch focus area on welfare measures with a specific look at the policy implications for the EU and member states.

The authors will present and discuss two policy studies, β€˜Promoting a just digital transition for workersβ€˜ and the upcoming β€˜Bidding Farewell to Workfare?’.
5 June – Online

With the expansion of multinational care companies across Europe, more rigorous EU standards are needed to ensure decent working conditions and accessible, quality care for all.
To address staff shortages and improve recruitment and retention rates, we need a fundamental revaluing of the care profession. The workers’ pay and conditions must match their crucial role in our societies. Join us at the first policy lunch of the Care4Care series, where we’ll address the persisting challenges related to care policy-making and focus on policy-oriented solutions.
8 June – FEPS HQ & EP

Daphne Halikiopoulou, Chair in Comparative Politics, York University, will present the third Next Left Lecture organised by FEPS and Karl–Renner-Institut.


We are proud to share that FEPS inaugurated its long-awaited project: the Open Progressive University (OPU)! It is the first-ever e-learning platform for Social Democrats.
The Open Progressive University had a great start with an inaugural speech by Paul Magnette, President of Parti Socialiste. LΓ‘szlΓ³ Andor, FEPS Secretary General, and Maria JoΓ£o Rodrigues, FEPS President, then explained the aim of this educative platform: to unite and train Progressives and Social Democrats from all over Europe. This first edition of the university gathered more than 40 applicants from almost 20 European countries. Read more.

FEPS policy study ‘Talking green in Hungary‘, which shares valuable inputs on effective green communication, attracted a lot of media attention in the Hungarian press, such as in 24.hu, Qubit and NΓ©pszava.

Silver Rose Awards 2023

Are you an activist, civil actor, trade unionist, journalist or a normal citizen active on Just Transition in your community? Send your nomination for the Silver Rose Awards!
This year’s Silver Rose Awards, organised by Solidar, S&D Group, PES and FEPS, celebrates those who work actively for a just transition towards carbon neutrality. There’s one week left to nominate (deadline 31 May)!

📢 Read the call and send your nomination!

Nature and us: why biodiversity matters

On Monday, the world celebrated the International Day for Biological Diversity. Although our survival depends on healthy and vibrant ecosystems, our destructive, utilitarian and exploitative attitude towards nature makes us, humans, the biggest threat to biodiversity conservation.
We must change our relationship with nature and recognise that our own survival and well-being depend on the survival and well-being of the ecosystems around us. On a political level, governments worldwide must translate their international commitments into concrete actions, and urgently. The preservation of our planet and its ecosystem is our responsibility, as an individual and as a society.

📚 Read more.
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🎙️Benedicta Lasi, Secretary General of Socialist International (SI), discusses with Ania Skrzypek, FEPS Director for Research and Training, the political ambition that inspired the opening of a new chapter of the SI.
She shares insights regarding the strategy that will make this international organisation a powerhouse able to rise to the contemporary global challenge and support the cooperation of sister parties worldwide.
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