FEPS Newsletter 27 Oct 2023 – Social Europe, Feminist Foreign Policy, Africa, US, EU treaties,…

📅 FEPS Newsletter: Social Europe, Feminist Foreign Policy, Africa, US, EU treaties,…
🍂 Busy weeks ahead!
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Upcoming Events
While the next days may seem unusually quiet for some in Brussels due to school holidays 🍂, at FEPS, we are working at full speed to prepare our great and diverse November menu, looking at both EU and foreign issues: Social Europe, fiscal rules, USA, Africa, climate and EU treaties are some of the key words of the upcoming weeks!

This week marked the official launch of a new line of action and long-term commitment for FEPS: feminist foreign policy. It was heartening to see the enthusiasm and positive response this initiative garnered!
6 November – FEPS HQ

Technology is a driver of productivity, but it is also reshaping Europe’s labour landscape. Join this roundtable organised by FEPS and the World Bank on how digitalisation is fueling inequality. We will launch and discuss the new World Bank report ‘The Future of Work: Implications for Equity and Growth in Europe’.
8 November – Brussels

This high-level conference will gather speakers such as Nicolas Schmit, European Commissioner for Jobs and Social Rights; José Luis Escrivá, Spain Minister of Inclusion, Social Security and Migration; and Frank Vandenbroucke, Belgium Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Social Affairs and Public Health.

It will be the occasion to present the preliminary findings of the Informal Working Group on Social Investment launched by the
Spanish Presidency and the Belgian Presidency of the EU, following the European Commission’s proposal to reform the economic governance framework, launched last April.
10-11 November – Málaga, Spain

FEPS will actively participate in the upcoming PES Congress of the Party of European Socialists to take place in Spain. The event ‘Champions of Progress: Progressives go the extra mile for Social Europe!‘ organised by the PES Group in the European Committee of the Regions and FEPS will be one of the Congress side events. It will bring together speakers such as the Spanish and Portuguese Ministers and Commissioner Schmit. The seminar entitled ‘Leading, not leaning’ will look at the ways the PES can be a pioneer in the sphere of transnational politics in 2024 and beyond. More info will follow soon.

The PES Congress will bring together PES heads of state and government, leaders, activists, and supporters from across Europe.
State of the Unions
Ties that bind: Testing the resilience of US-EU relations in an age of turbulence
15 November – Online

and the German Marshall Fund of the United States (GMF) are bringing together leading European and US experts and policymakers for
the 6th State of the Unions conference to critically reflect on what we can expect from the US presidential race in the coming year and the impact the elections may have on the transatlantic partnership and on collective security across the Atlantic.
EU Treaties
Why they need targeted changes
16 November – EP, Brussels

War in our continent, geopolitical rivalry, climate emergency, cost of living crises, pandemic, tensions about migration, misinformation… This new context asks for a
stronger European capacity to act, and the current Lisbon Treaty shows its limits. The time has come to reassess it and identify some targeted changes.

With the debate about EU Treaty changes back on the agenda and ahead of the upcoming vote on the European Parliament report on treaty changes, join this event organised by the S&D group and FEPS. The authors of FEPS forthcoming report on the topic will be among the speakers, together with S&D MEPs and renowned experts.

18 November – Amsterdam

annual Africa Day is back! For 25 years, this has been the largest event about Africa in the Netherlands. The day will be full of workshops, debates, lectures, literature, films, music, a fashion show…

This year’s theme is climate justice. Nowhere is the challenge of the climate crisis as great as in African countries, even though they are not the big polluters. Politicians, activists, trade unionists and experts will be part of the programme prepared by FEPS and Foundation Max van der Stoel.
Walking the talk: Feminist Foreign Policy in action

23 October – Brussels

This conference, held under the auspices of the European Gender Equality Week and co-organised by FEPS and the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES), reaffirmed the need to anchor a feminist foreign policy (FFP) not only at the national but also at the EU level.

The discussions outlined concrete ways of materialising a people-oriented and feminist approach to international relations through relevant initiatives to be implemented across policy fields, from peace and security to free trade agreements and sustainable development goals.

A major emphasis was placed on the urgency to ensure accountability through sound gender impact assessment methods, the close involvement of local and feminist movements on the ground and inclusive decision-making processes focusing first and foremost on the recipients of any foreign policy. Not only did the conference feature a long list of influential FFP voices from all over Europe and the world, but it also marked the official launch of the ‘Feminist Foreign Policy Progressive Voices Collective’. Read more.
24 October – FEPS HQ

Gathering more than 60 FFP experts from over 30 countries across the globe, this newly established platform was launched under the impulse of FEPS and FES and the support of over a dozen strategic partners active on the subject.

Under the co-chairship of Ann Linde (Former Foreign Affairs Minister, Sweden), Benedicta Lasi (Socialist International, Ghana) and Machris Cabreros (Progressive Alliance, Philippines), the Collective is composed of FFP practitioners, academics and civil society representatives. Its members will be questioning traditional approaches to foreign policy to enable an alternative account of foreign relations from the standpoint of the most disadvantaged.

We also had the opportunity to welcome Kristina Lunz at FEPS HQ, where she read extracts of the new book 📕 ‘The future of foreign policy is feminist‘.

24 October – Belfast, Northern Ireland

During this insightful debate, we focused on the relationship between Northern Ireland and the EU, its implication for the future of the EU, the legacy of the Good Friday Agreement, and the potential and perks of the Windsor Framework implementation.

FEPS worked with TASC, FES and Queen Mary University to bring together local councillors, MLAs, NGOs, academics, and representatives from the public sector, among which Pedro Silva Pereira, EP Vice-President; Matthew O’Toole, MLA for South Belfast, and Kate Nicholl, MLA and Former Lord Mayor of Belfast.

Domestic polarisation and international constraints

On Sunday 29 October, Turkey will celebrate its 100th anniversary.

With this dossier, the Progressive Post seizes this opportunity to focus on this EU’s strategic neighbour’s trajectory, amidst contradictions, polarisation & ambitions.

Photo credits: Shutterstock/ quetions123

On 22 October, federal elections were held in Switzerland to elect the members of the National Council and Council of States.
Photo credits: Shutterstock/ andriano.cz
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