FEPS Newsletter 6 Oct 2023: 🧳 Migration and Asylum policy

📅 FEPS Newsletter: 🧳 Migration and Asylum policy
Towards a more humane refugee policy. 10 year after Lampedusa tragedy
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On 3 October 2013, one of the deadliest shipwrecks in the Mediterranean took place off the coast of Lampedusa, Italy. 368 people died while they were making a perilous journey to reach Europe and try to find a better and safer life in the EU. Last June, that tragic record was overcome by the shipwreck of Pylos, Greece. Over 600 people lost their lives. And over 28,000 people have drowned in the Mediterranean in the last ten years.

These numbers are appalling evidence of the shortcomings and inadequacy of the EU’s migration and asylum policy. 10 years after Lampedusa, people continue to die at sea, while European governments fight over border control and external action, as it is happening in these very moments at the Granada summit, struggle over a definition of solidarity and concentrate their efforts on trying to curb migration flows.

On this occasion, FEPS wants to commemorate those 368 people and all the other migrants who, in the Mediterranean or elsewhere, have risked their own lives because they did not see any alternatives.
This innovative book suggests a humane approach to receiving refugees in Europe based on the strengthening of the role of municipalities and their civil society in the relocation and reception of people in need of protection. While this proposal may not be a panacea for the complex EU migration and refugee policy, the strategies outlined in this book could benefit the hosting communities as much as the newcomers. Read more.
10 October – Brussels – Hybrid
Join the book launch event together with the author Gesine Schwan, member of the SPD party and academic, Udo Bullmann, S&D Group MEP; Helena Hahn, Policy Analyst at European Policy Centre and Jasmijn Slootjes, Associate Director at MPI Europe.
In Europe, media, policy and public debates about migration are extremely polarised and negative. Against this background, engaging in discussion on this topic is very risky for EU policymakers, because their arguments – if not correctly handled – could backfire.
With these three policy briefs by Rob McNeil, FEPS and Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES) aim to provide concrete suggestions to lower the volume of the debate, reduce polarisation and improve terminology. Read more.
The war in Ukraine has brought to the surface the double standards that the EU and its member states often apply when dealing with migrant integration.
Together with FES Italia, Fondation Jean-Jaurès, Centres for European Policy Network Roma and Università per Stranieri di Perugia, we will assess the phenomenon from a political and economic angle, debunk the “myths” around migration and present the policy brief series on this topic.
8 November – FEPS HQ – Hybrid
It’s time to unveil the outcome of the Progressive Migration Group‘s (PMG) reflections and exchanges on the relations and cooperation between the EU and the countries of origin and transit.
The PMG, composed of African and European migration experts and established in cooperation with FES EU Office and Fondation Jean-Jaurès, met previously in Barcelona and Addis Abada.

Coherence of EU policies towards Africa, development aid, the New Pact on Migration and Asylum externalisation of migration management, labour migration and remittances, were some of the topics discussed.
By Pietro Bartolo

Read the latest progressive page by Pietro Bartolo, a doctor who provided aid to the victims of the Lampedusa shipwreck and countless other migrants arriving via the Mediterranean route, now MEP in the S&D Group. Read more.
Security at work is not synonymous with stagnation; it’s about revitalising support for workers in a dynamic world.
While discussions on the future of work often centre on technology, this study, prepared in collaboration with Progressive Britain, argues that work is fundamentally political and offers recommendations for the British Labour Party and social democratic movements around Europe. It guides the centre-left not only on how to discuss work but also on how it should govern work in the future. Read more.
10 October – Online
“Recognising long-term care as a public good, as the European Care Strategy does, is one thing, but ensuring that social protection systems are developed and public services available is another.” Tuscany Bell, in the policy study ‘European Care Strategy
Join her and the other experts at the final policy lunch of the Care4Care series, organised with FES and European Federation of Public Service Unions, to discuss an under-explored domain of EU action: the need to ensure affordable, high-quality long-term care.
11 October – Brussels
Since 2000, SOLIDAR organises its Silver Rose Awards in cooperation with FEPS, PES and S&D Group. It’s the occasion to celebrate Civil Society Organisations and individuals whose extraordinary struggles contribute greatly to social justice and solidarity throughout the world.
This edition will celebrate those who work actively towards a just transition towards carbon-neutrality.
The EIHSD and FEPS launch their book on the conceptualisation of a European Health Union. The research explores the origins and legal background of the concept of a European Health Union.
Then, it recognises the strengthening of relations between European members, carried out by progressive decision-makers, and look into the strong backing for investment in health. But while the path towards a Union will be challenging, we look into the most promising avenues of cooperation for the health and well-being of European citizens.
Photo credits: Shutterstock/ Ink Drop
Ahead of next June’s EP elections, Maria João Rodrigues, FEPS President and László Andor, FEPS Secretary General, signed, along with eminent personalities and leading academics, a manifesto to present their take on the challenges facing the EU and chart a course for an ambitious way forward. Media such as El País, RTP and Il sole 24 Ore covered it.
The need for a sustainable and inclusive future is felt everywhere, notably at the level of the cities and towns where people actually live. In Europe, the progressives-led cities and towns are at the forefront of making sure that inclusive and sustainable change happen in real time.
Photo credits: Shutterstock/ Tato_Torrejon
With this dossier, the Progressive Post offers examples from all over the EU to show that change is real, currently underway and can be implemented elsewhere too:
📚 Read more
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