FEPS Newsletter 8 Sept 2023 – Employment, Care4Care, Sahel, Ukraine…and much more

📅 FEPS Newsletter: Employment, Care4Care, Sahel, Ukraine…and much more Share Tweet Share Share Survey on […]

📅 FEPS Newsletter: Employment, Care4Care, Sahel, Ukraine…and much more
Survey on unemployment, AI in the workplace, EU Economic Governance, G20…
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Do you remember that some time ago, we asked your opinion about unemployment in your region and what the EU should do? As promised, after getting many answers, we prepared our analysis of the result for you.

And what could create jobs while improving people’s well-being? Care! Prioritising investment in long-term and childcare can be a major vector for sustainable growth. Let’s #Care4care.

This week, as we always do, we kept an eye on Ukraine and even went a bit further, until the hot region of Sahel. As the global order changes, we keep looking towards a progressive future.

By Mirjam langer, Andreas Hafner, Janina Urban, David Schwertgen, Ioannis Theocharis and Philine Edbauer
Is it possible to create decent employment and strengthen the social economy while combating the climate crisis and pursuing a Just Transition, all at the same time?

In collaboration with Our Global Moment, we aim to shed light on Europeans’ perception of unemployment, the quality of work we wish for, and the public policies to address these challenges.

The policy brief is based on an EU-wide online survey that includes comparisons between Germany, Italy, France and Belgium, and qualitative research conducted in Berlin, Germany. Read more.

Led by machines
21 September – Stockholm, Sweden
With the computer revolution, the workplace has seen a rapid introduction of digital technologies for gig work, remote work, surveillance, and algorithmic management of workers.
This public launch of the FEPS-Nordics Digital Programme on Algorithmic Management and Workers’ Rights will bring together researchers, policymakers, trade unionists and other stakeholders from the Nordic countries to discuss the effects of digital tech on the nature of work itself across the labour market.
27 September – FEPS HQ
The Russian aggression against Ukraine in February 2022 shook the world and caused immense suffering and destruction in the invaded country.
Join us with authors of the book ‘Europe and the war in Ukraine‘, to explore the developments concerning the key aspects of the war from a European perspective. From the background of Russian aggression, the role of the US, China and BRICS, to the impact on the Ukrainian economy, society and politics, we’ll analyze the current situation of Ukraine in view of its reconstruction.
“The EU must update its strategy for the Sahel. This means listening to stakeholders in the region, understanding developments in the region and the aspirations of its citizens and being aware of the presence of several forces (jihadist forces, China, Russia…)”, FEPS
President commented in the online event organised with Fondation Jean-Jaurès and Istituto Affari Internazionali.

We analysed the implementation by the EU of its Integrated Strategy 2021 for the Sahel. With an approach based on true partnership and equality, we examined the challenges and opportunities of the new regional context. Read more.
6 September – Online
If well managed, the care economy can generate positive economic impacts and become a major vector for sustainable growth.
Prioritising investment in long-term and childcare can have a profound impact on people’s well-being as well as on job creation.

Why and how? Watch the full discussion with Cecilia Navarra, Policy Analyst at the EP Research Service; Chiara Saraceno, Honorary Fellow at Collegio Carlo Alberto; Milan Brglez, MEP S&D Group, and Mary Collins, Acting Secretary General at European Women’s Lobby.

This policy lunch was organised by FEPS, FES and the European Public Service Union. Read more.

ℹ️ Find out more about the #Care4Care project.
An economic governance reform will have massive implications for the European people. “We have few months to make a difference” warned Maria João Rodrigues, FEPS President, speaking at our latest expert meeting, organised in cooperation with FES, DGB and the S&D Group.
It provided a timely platform for the discussion on strengthening democracy in EU economic policy coordination. Mark Dawson, Professor at the Hertie School of Governance, shared the findings of his FES-commissioned study, offering concrete proposals to enhance democratic control and accountability in EU economic governance.
The countdown begins to the 18th G20 Summit in India on 9-10 September. The G20 stands for shared international responsibility in a deeply interdependent world to address economic problems.
The current G20 summit comes against the backdrop of the return to a post-pandemic world still beset by major economic challenges, the continuing war in Ukraine and evidence of the slowing down of the Chinese economy that can produce a global economic tsunami. Read more.
Photo credits: European Union 2023
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