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Upcoming Events
In this series, experts and policy-makers present potential policy solutions to tackle diverse aspects pertaining to employment. Labour markets are changing and we need a very diligent public sector to avoid the quality and quantity of jobs being compromised further. We focus on four policies that could help shape a European employment agenda in the near future.
Gender inequalities in the labour market: We will address how the COVID-19 crisis has had a magnifying glass effect on these imbalances. Participants will also discuss the favourable opportunities arising from recent policy developments offering progressive answers to old forms of inequalities (gender pay gaps, labour market gender segregation, career differences) as well as new ones (women’s overrepresentation in unemployment, underemployment or part-time work).
Skills for a Green Recovery: This policy breakfast focused on the issue of green skills in particular and the need to ensure a just transition that creates and preserves quality employment more generally. Participants discussed, amongst others, how EU initiatives related to vocational training can ensure that workers in different sectors can actively contribute to the green transition. Watch it here!
Workers data rights: The enforcement of data protection rules at work is facing a daunting challenge. While much of workplace surveillance and data gathering is illegal, it continues at an accelerated pace, especially since the Covid-19 pandemic. Watch it here!
Zero Unemployment Territories: Using the example of the “Térritoires Zero Chomeurs de Longue Durée” in France and the Marienthal job guarantee pilot in Austria, we explored what the EU and its member states can do to develop similar job guarantee programmes that create quality jobs for all unemployed persons who want to work. Watch it here!
Recovery Watch
29 September, FEPS Headquarters, Brussels

Take part in the first Recovery Watch annual gathering!

What are the lessons to be learned from the national recovery plans? Will the NRRPs be able to drive us towards a more socially and environmentally sustainable society?

Among the speakers: Mariana Vieira da Silva, Portuguese minister of the presidency; Thomas Dermine, Belgian state secretary for economic recovery and strategic investment; Mario Nava, Director-General at DG REFORM, and many others.

👁️About the Recovery Watch research project: FEPS, Friedrich Ebert Stiftung (FES) and the Institut Emile Vandervelde (IEV), in collaboration with several first-rate research organisations, have built a structured network of experts to monitor the implementation of NRRPs and assess their impact on key social outcomes.

Groceries at your doorstep in less than 20 minutes. That’s the promise of a relatively new segment of the platform economy. But little is known about the business models behind this promise, the working conditions and labour organising.

In this session at the Hans-Boeckler-Stiftung‘s annual LABOR.A Conference, we will share and discuss early insights from the research being carried by FEPS and Uni Europa.
A Job Guarantee for Europe

Pavlina Tcherneva, MEP Aurore Lalucq

As Europe faces structural unemployment, this policy brief by MEP Aurore Lalucq and Prof. Pavlina Tcherneva proposes the establishment of a public Job Guarantee for job creation in areas of unmet social need, prioritising care and environmental services.

Building on successful local initiatives, the Guarantee would reduce the significant costs and deleterious effects of unemployment while providing the labour force and public sector the capacity to tackle social and environmental challenges. Read more

This initiative was also discussed during the first event of the Employment Policy Breakfast series: Zero Unemployment Territories.

This week, FEPS was pleased to welcome the visit of Deputy Representative Pierre Chou and Ms Mei Chuang from the Taipei Representative Office in the EU and Belgium, to discuss potential areas for collaboration and exchange perspectives on the war in Ukraine and how it has impacted the Indo-Pacific region.

The purpose of this tender is to select media platforms to support the promotion of FEPS’ work, including publications, events and training. More info here.
Care is the backbone of our society. As women still make the majority of carers, their choices in personal and professional life are too often limited. Care is our collective need and shared responsibility. It is time to invest massively into the holistic Care Deal for Europe and move towards an ‘equal-earners/equal-carers’ model (…). Read More
#124 FEPS Talks Podcast
Reasons for hope: the plans and prospects for the Australian Labor Party

🎙️Professor Rob Manwaring, Flinders University in Adelaide, and Dr Ania Skrzypek, FEPS Director for Research and Training, connect to discuss the recent unprecedented victory of Anthony Albanese Australian Labor Party and the inspiration that it may provide for sister parties across the globe.

On 21 May 2022, Australian Labor Party, led by Anthony Albanese, noted an unprecedented victory, forming then a government and preventing the 4th term of the Liberal Party. What led to that success? What is on the agenda? Which challenges does ALP share with the other sister parties across the globe?

🎧 Listen to this podcast on Spotify | Apple Podcast | Website

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