FEPS Weekly Newsletter 25 Feb 2022

FEPS Weekly Newsletter
πŸ“… Russia, Climate, Gender Equality, Taxation, Health Union…
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Upcoming Events
17 March 2022, 19:00 – 20:00

This event will take place in the context of the 66th session of the UN Commission on the Status of Women (CSW). Its priority theme will be achieving gender equality and the empowerment of all women and girls in the context of climate change.

FEPS, Fondation Jean Jaurès, PES Women and UN Women Germany join forces in order to bring forward a new social contract to the climate emergency rooted in ecofeminist values.
European Health Union – not wishful thinking but a reflection of Europeans’ real concerns

At this event, organised by FEPS and the European Institute of Health and Sustainable Development, in partnership with Euractiv, participants addressed proposals on how to create a European Health Union and establish it in the Treaty on European Union.

Vytenis Andriukaitis, former Commissioner for Health, FEPS President Maria Joao Rodrigues, and Prof. Mario Monti, former Prime Minister of Italy and former Commissioner, were among the speakers of this event.

Strategic Autonomy

Ahead of the upcoming EC legislative proposals on the circular economy, the book The Circular Economy and Green Jobs in the EU and Beyond examines what the circular economy means, why the transition from a linear economy to a circular one is important, and how we can achieve it.

The book is edited by Janis Brizga and SaΓ―d El Khadraoui and with a foreword by Frans Timmermans, Vice-President of the European Commission.

Read the Book!
Strategic Autonomy

Fair pay has reached a critical point in debates and discussions: many countries are sharpening their policies implementing fair pay and combining different approaches.

The goal of this Policy Study is to assess the different policy instruments to ensure fair pay across Europe and the world and discuss their leveraging effects.

Read the Policy Study
Watch the latest release of the #TaxJustice video campaign!

Our planet experiences a
climate emergency, and taxation is a key instrument for a green economy! Through the “polluter pays” principle, green taxes set a price to factor in the environmental damage caused by human activities.

S&D MEP Pedro Marques and Barbara Mariani, Policy Manager for Climate at the European Environmental Bureau, analyse green taxes’ What, Why and How.

📚 Publications, videos, events, articles…discover more about FEPS work on taxation!

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine raises many questions for the entire European continent. Among the questions the European Union will have to answer on its own is the one of its stance towards Russia.

The two authors of this debate β€” which was published before Russia’s attack β€” agree very much on the need for dialogue, but differ on the sequences: while the former Hungarian MEP Gyula Hegyi warns of the threat of a Sino-Russian military alliance should the West let Russia drift away too far and argues that any partnership requires mutual understanding, respect, and dialogue, the former Czech Minister of Foreign Affairs, TomΓ‘Ε‘ Petříček, calls for the EU to have a very precise and coherent idea of its goals in Eastern Europe before stumbling into a dialogue of which it masters neither timing nor direction.
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🖊️ PROGRESSIVE PAGE 18/02/2022
by Claudia Kemfert

Not for the first time, Europe finds itself in the middle of a fossil gas conflict. Not for the first time, Russia is reducing its supplies and using gas as a political weapon. The Ukraine conflict is threatening to escalate and, with it, the gas crisis.

Germany made a mistake and, contrary to what our studies recommended more than 15 years ago, did not build an LNG (liquified natural gas) terminal but a direct pipeline to Russia. The first leg of the pipeline was already a strategic mistake. Nord Stream 2 is even more so. To achieve the climate targets and the goals of the EU Green Deal, the share of fossil natural gas must decline. We have sufficient natural gas infrastructure in Europe to meet gas demand.
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In this FEPS talk episode Katherine Trebeck, co-founder of The Wellbeing Economy Alliance, and Andreas Dimmelmeier, FEPS Policy Analyst on Climate and Environment, introduce and debate the concept of a Wellbeing Economy. Trebeck outlines what a wellbeing economy means for people, businesses and governments and how it differs from existing views on “the economy”.

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Teresa Ribera, premiada por su labor en polΓ­tica internacional

by El Plural 26/01/2024
Teresa Ribera has been recognized by FEPS with the 'Progressive Person of the Year' award during the launch of the 'Progressive Yearbook.' Article by El Plural

Teresa Ribera, premio ‘Pregressive person of the year’ por su labor en polΓ­tica internacional

by Europa Press 26/01/2024
Teresa Ribera has been recognized by FEPS with the 'Progressive Person of the Year' award during the launch of the 'Progressive Yearbook.' Article by Europa Press

Teresa Ribera, galardonada como “progresista” del aΓ±o por la FundaciΓ³n FEPS

by Agencia EFE 26/01/2024
Article by Spanish news agency Agencia EFE, republished by other media via newswire

Β»Der er tale om en markant udviklingΒ«:Β Det vrimler med Wolt-bude

by Politiken 19/01/2024
'"This is a significant development": Wolt workers are everywhere' Politiken's article about the Digital Programme's first policy study: 'Employment terms of platform workers'