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Upcoming Events
FEPS Headquarters (Brussels), 5 April 2022

Join the launch event of the book 📕The Circular Economy and Green Jobs in the EU and Beyond.

The book clarifies the meaning and the implications of the circular economy across different contexts. It goes beyond simply arguing in favour of a circular economy and critically assesses the political and distributional choices that are made during this transition.

Edited by Janis Brizga and SaΓ―d El Khadraoui and with a foreword by Frans Timmermans, Vice-President of the European Commission.
Warsaw (Poland), 25-27 March 2022

This week, we initiated the first physical meeting of FEPS #OnestoWatch programme in Warsaw, co-hosted with Foundation Amicus Europae and Centrum im. Ignacego DaszyΕ„skiego.

‘Central and Eastern Europe and the Russian aggression against Ukraine’ has been the first topic of the agenda. The β€˜Ones to Watch’ programme, launched in 2015, gathers elected politicians between 35-45 years from Central and Eastern Europe.
Florence (Italy), 21 March

The European Parliament Former Members Association (FMA) and the Historical Archives of the European Union organised this High-Level Conference at the European University Institute’s Villa Salviati in Florence.

FEPS President Maria JoΓ£o Rodrigues participated in a roundtable together with the presidents of the other European political foundations.
Discover the new issue of The Progressive Post

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is a most terrible wake-up call for the EU and its citizens. The international order has been altered, words like ‘nuclear threat’ have suddenly returned to centre stage.

The bloc’s response, particularly to the humanitarian crisis triggered by the war, has been solid and united. Yet the EU must still prove itself as a global actor – issues that are addressed in our Special Coverage section War in Ukraine.

Also in this magazine, read the Focus section on ‘EU defence: a turning point‘ and the Dossiers ‘Reshaping the digital decade‘ and ‘Integration of migrants: the path towards social cohesion‘.

Download the PDF of the magazine
The EU response to the Covid-19 crisis has represented a Copernican revolution compared to the bloc’s approach to the previous crisis. However, the policies that have been adopted raise questions that remain to be solved, namely the revision of the Stability and Growth Pact (SGP) and the future role of the Next Generation EU fund (NGEU). These add to other pending issues, such as the reform of the Macroeconomic Imbalance Procedure (MIP). Read more
#118 FEPS Talks Podcast
The war in Ukraine and the future of EU enlargement

The former EU Commissioner for Neighbourhood and Enlargement Ε tefan FΓΌle and FEPS Secretary General LΓ‘szlΓ³ Andor analyse the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the consequences for the EU, arguing that the common answer given by the member states will eventually make the EU stronger.

They also discuss the future of EU enlargement and what could potentially change in the accession process.

🎧 Listen to this podcast on Spotify | Apple Podcast | Website

The EU must be empowered to live up to the social, climate, and environmental challenges of our times. For this to happen, Europe cannot just return to the pre-covid EU economic governance framework.

We are pleased to announce that FEPS has signed the Manifesto for a green, just and democratic European economy promoted by the group of civil society organisations, think tanks, and trade unions FiscalMatters. We unite our voice with those of 273 organisations and academics from all 27 EU countries calling for fundamental reform of the EU’s fiscal rules.

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