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Annual Autumn Academy, Primer Series, rise of living costs, COP27 and much more!
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Upcoming Events
3 – 4 November – Vilnius, Lithuania

This conference will gather key experts and stakeholders to discuss what needs to be done to alleviate the societal burden of the extraordinary rise of living costs.

It will provide valuable inputs to the progressive forces in the Baltics for further concerted action. The geographic location of the meeting is significant. In Lithuania and the Baltic region more generally, the inflation shock is one of the highest within the EU (…).
COP27 side event:
10 November 11:30 – 13:00 – Online

How can a global just transition be financed? Multiple building blocks need to be put into place. First, we need a proper understanding of what the sectoral requirements are in the most challenging geographies, especially in the developing world.

Then, we need to understand how we can use possible financial pathways in the Global North and find partners in the Global South. International financial regulations, requirements, standards and norms have to be aligned with green requirements.

Join this COP27 side event to get more answers to this question!
7 November – Rome, Italy

Due to disinformation, a majority of Europeans believe that the migrant population in the EU is 16% when it is actually less than half that number! It’s just 7%.

FEPS, with the European Policy Centre (EPC) and Friedrich Ebert Stiftung (FES) have been jointly working on a research project on disinformation on migration:

📺 Don’t miss our latest material: an animated video on how to fight disinformation in the EU!

📚A series of studies have been produced, in 2020 and 2021. A third one will be ready soon.

🗣️Besides, a series of events are been organised:

Since 2019, FEPS Annual Autumn Academy, our Training Strategy flagship event, welcomes some of the most promising, talented young politicians from across the EU.

The three-day programme included lectures by prominent personalities, direct exchanges with European leaders, discussions on priority topics with the European stakeholders, country case workshops, masterclasses, and visits to the institutions, to name just a few.

This year, FEPS AAA welcomed 40 nominees. The programme focused on the issue of EU Youth Policies. We find this topic essential not only because of the context of the ongoing European Youth Year but also because this is an appropriate angle to think ahead and strategise in concrete terms in these insecure times.

📸 Pictures can be found on this link!
🧵You can also check the
social media dialogue around #FEPSAAA.
🎥The highlights video will be published soon.
Ones to Watch

The 5th meeting of the 2nd cycle of the ‘Ones to Watch’ programme is taking place this week in Bratislava. It gathers over 50 promising progressive politicians from 11 countries of Central and Eastern Europe.

It offers an opportunity to discuss the political and socio-economic situation in the region and the implications that the ongoing war in Ukraine has had on the European Integration process.

Speakers included Maroš Šefčovič, Vice-President of the European Commission.

More info here.
Designed with an educational purpose, the FEPS Primer Series represent a prominent tool in the new FEPS training strategy.

Find out here about the two first Primers which are already available.

The following primers, by Arancha González Laya, on trade, and Stephen Minas, on climate, will be ready very soon. They were presented by their authors this week, in the framework of FEPS Annual Autumn Academy.

Stay tuned! #FEPSPrimers

The progressive potential of the EU
By Richard Corbett

“A great read that answers any question you might have on the EU and our responsibility as progressives.” Gabriele Bischoff (Member of the European Parliament, S&D Group).

‘The progressive potential of the EU’ by Richard Corbett tells us what the EU is, why it matters, how it works, and how the centre-left can use and reform it.

📕 Find out more about this book here.
📺 Get a brief glimpse through this ‘book trailer’.
By Agnès Hubert

“It is a must-read for whoever wants to learn about the evolution, progress and hurdles in the fight for equality between women and men at the EU level.” Reka Safrany (European Women’s Lobby President).

‘The EU and gender equality’ by Agnès Hubert, takes us on a journey through the efforts and obstacles to keep women at the centre of EU policymaking and gives the foundations to move towards a more respectful EU.

📕 Find out more about this book here.
📺 Get a brief glimpse through this ‘book trailer‘.

FEPS cosigned an open letter to EU leaders calling for them to address the underlying structural problems of our economic system ahead of the Commission’s publication of its orientation paper.

The open letter, initiated by the Fiscal Matters coalition, outlines a vision of a reformed EU economic governance framework that targets the roots of the social and ecological crises. It highlights a crucial time for transformative change in EU policy through adopting a Sustainability and Wellbeing Pact and a new EU fiscal framework that would enable a truly fair, sustainable, and future-fit economy. Read more
A Health Union is certainly a necessity – but one that tackles only some aspects of the problem would be a missed opportunity. With this dossier, the Progressive Post aims at highlighting a few aspects that need to be included in the future Health Union in order to make it relevant for all citizens. Read more
Europe is shaken by war and by its economic and social effects, compounding the fears and pains produced by the lasting pandemic. The authoritarian dynamic unleashed by inequalities and loss of certainties is gaining further ground everywhere. In this context, prompt measures to deal with the current state of affairs need to be coupled with a radical commitment to address its long-term origins, to reconnect institutions with people’s aspirations and knowledge, and to push forward concrete proposals for a new ‘life and work’ paradigm. Read more
#125 FEPS Talks Podcast

🎙️Ana Sofia Fernandez, President of the Portuguese Platform for Women’s Rights, and Laeticia Thissen, FEPS Policy Analyst for Gender Equality, exchange on the gendered nature of economic policy and governance mechanisms at EU level.

How do budgets mirror political priorities? What is their influence in perpetuating or redressing persisting gender gaps? How do they discriminate based on gendered assumptions about society and the economy? How can they be used as a powerful tool in transforming our societies? To what extent are gender budgeting tools applied in the recovery plans? These are some of the points touched upon as the EU is faced with crisis after crisis affecting women in acutely singular ways.

🎧 Listen to this podcast on Spotify | Apple Podcast | Website

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