FEPS Weekly Newsletter 9 Dec 2022 – Recovery Watch & Energy

📅FEPS Weekly: Energy & Recovery Watch
Energy, Recovery Watch, health and more…!
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Upcoming Events
We are approaching the end of the year, but FEPS is still very active on several fronts. This week, we focus mainly on two topics: energy and the monitoring of the National Recovery Plans. We have also launched the winter edition of the Progressive Post magazine. Find here the latest updates!
👁️New Recovery Watch publications this week! The Recovery Watch is a structured network of experts monitoring the implementation of the National Recovery and Resilience Plans (NRRPs), and assessing their impact on key social outcomes. This week we focus on two angles: the NRRPs ability to embrace a care logic and the just climate transition aspects of climate actions.

It is led by FEPS, Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES) and the Institut Emile Vandervelde (IEV), in collaboration with several first-rate research organisations.

A feminist care analysis of national recovery and resilience plans
By Laeticia Thissen

The EU created fiscal stimulus tools to help member states repair the socioeconomic damage caused by the pandemic. But to what extent have the NRRPs adopted a care-led approach in response to the care crisis?

In this publication, the author compares eight NRRPs – Austria, Belgium, Czechia, Germany, Finland, Italy, Latvia and Spain – and analyses how they integrated a care dimension. Read more.
Policy challenges and actions for a just climate transition. Five Recovery Plans in comparison
By Linnea Nelli, Maria Enrica Virgillito and Andrea Roventini

How to solve the territorial asymmetries affecting the ‘sacrifice zones’?In this publication, authors recommend the creation of a European Agency for Industrial Policy able to embrace a just transition.

It addresses the extent to which the NRRPs adopted by five EU member states (Italy, Germany, Spain, Sweden and Slovakia) can combine environmental sustainability with employment stability and, therefore, pursue a just transition.
Read more.
15 December – Rome, Italy

We will present to the Italian public the first results of the ‘Recovery Watch‘ research project.

Speakers include Fabrizio Barca, former Italian Minister and Co-coordinator of Forum Disuguaglianze e Diversità (FDD), national and local policymakers, experts and representatives from civil society organizations.

We will focus on the themes linked to three policy contributions of the project: 1) Care policies and their gender dimension; 2) Childcare policies; 3) Climate measures’ impact on employment, particularly in the energy and automotive sectors.

This event is organised by FEPS, FES, and IEV, with the support of FDD.
Energy geopolitics shapes possibilities for energy access and affordability. Russia’s war against Ukraine is a game-changer for this international order, and this week we address its impact on the EU green deal and energy transition.
12 December – Online

Which markets is the EU currently tapping into to diversify away from Russian imports? Will the EU’s energy policy strategy accelerate decarbonisation within this decade? Join us to answer these and more questions on the EU’s energy security in relation to its foreign policy.

Together with FES, we invite you to the expert webinar to discuss the geopolitics of the EU energy transition and launch our latest Policy Brief by Dr Caroline Kuzemko
The Russia-Ukraine war: An inflection point for sustainable energy transitions
By Caroline Kuzemko

In this new Policy Brief, the author defines energy as a multidimensional policy area and suggests diverse and concrete policy recommendations: new measures for the EU’s global climate diplomacy strategy? EU-level coordination on high-carbon energy phase-out? Read more
Towards a healthier union

In this winter issue of The Progressive Post magazine, the Special Coverage looks at the European Health Union that shall ensure the EU’s preparedness for future health emergencies. The Focus on multilateralism and international cooperation investigates the faults of the current international system. The Dossier on the State of the Union looks at how to realise an ever closer union finally. And in the Dossier on Next Left, we spotlight viable political alternatives to the narrative of the right. Read more
Check the following job vacancies:

  • Economic Policy Analyst: Substantiate FEPS’ work on economic policy with particular attention given to issues of public finances, political economy, labour economics, internal market issues, and European economic governance. Deadline to apply: 15 December.
  • Digital Policy Analyst: Substantiate FEPS’ work on digital policy with particular attention given to issues of artificial intelligence and automation, technological change and innovation, digital single market, data governance and, not lastly, future of work. Deadline to apply: 20 December.
  • Project Officer: Plan and coordinate the administrative execution of assigned projects’ activities, including scheduling, reporting, document control, as well as the organization of related events. Deadline to apply: 2 January.

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