FEPS Weekly Newsletter 6 May 2022

FEPS Weekly Newsletter
📅 Just Transition, Green Investment Gap, China & Russia, voting during pandemics, and more!
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Upcoming Events
12 May, ULB (Brussels)

This panel, co-organised by FEPS and the ULB Institut d’Études Européennes, will look at climate policies that help reduce inequalities across multiple levels of governance and integrate perspectives from policymakers, academics and civil society.

It takes place in the framework of the Interdisciplinary Conference on European Advanced Studies (IDEAS).
24 May 14:00 – 15:30, FEPS Headquarters (Brussels)

This event will present the paper series resulting from the year-long project “Voting during pandemics – making democracy resilient in turbulent times – experiences from Central, Eastern, and South-Eastern Europe”.

While a lot has been said about COVID’s socio-economic challenges, there seems to have been relatively less attention paid to what it meant when it comes to political processes. This is the niche this publication addresses.

This project is run by FEPS, the Institute for Social Integration (ISI), Centrum Im. Ignacego DaszyDskiego, Masarykova demokratická akademie, Foundation for a Democratic Left and Drustvo Progresiva.

How to address Europe’s green investment gap

Rafael Wildauer and Stuart Leitch

Read the new Policy Brief by FEPS and the Karl-Renner-Institut investigating 1⃣ how much public investment in green infrastructure Europe needs and 2⃣ how to fund this investment.

To put the EU economy on a path compliant with the 🌡️1.5°C limit, additional funding between €11,670 and €16,320 billion is needed over the period from 2020 to 2050, the authors argue. The bulk of these investments is needed to renovate Europe buildings.

📺 In the following video, Dr Wildauer presents two policy options that could help us bridge the investment gap!

ℹ️ Find out more about FEPS’s work on climate investment!
In this video, Dr Rafael Wildauer presents two policy options that could help us bridge the investment gap:

1️⃣ The first is a
progressive European Wealth Tax which is targeted at the richest 1% of European households.
2️⃣ The second one is a large-scale public
investment initiative for green infrastructure funded by issuing government bonds.

This research is part of the project A fiscally sustainable public investment initiative in Europe to prevent climate collapse”, by FEPS, the Renner Institut, and the Austrian Chamber of Labour (AK).

Discover our work on
climate investment
Prof. Stiglitz: NextGenEU was a leap forward, but the EU needs more flexibility

The NextGenEu Eurobonds issuance by the European Commission “was a very important step forward”, the Nobel Laureate in Economics Prof. Joseph E. Stiglitz said in an interview with FEPS Head of Communication Ainara Bascuñana. However, “the minimum change that you need is clearly saying you need more flexibility”, he added.

The interview was held in the framework of the talk co-organised by FEPS, the Initiative for Policy Dialogue (IPD) at Columbia University, and the Jean-Jaurès Foundation “The 20 years of the Euro”.

📰 Read more about Professor Stiglitz’s takeaways on the EU’s economic governance and fiscal rules here.

⏯️ Watch the video statements, the complete interview and full event on FEPS YouTube channel.
Join our team! FEPS is looking for a Communication Officer

We are looking for a Communication Officer to join FEPS dynamic comms team. Deadline for applications: 09.05.2022. Interested? You are still on time to apply!

More about the vacancy on this link.
We all remember the image of the two lonely dictators at the Winter Olympics in Beijing. Putin was the only international leader to attend, and he was courted accordingly. In return, he was allowed to take back home with him new trade contracts and the promise of ‘unlimited friendship’.

Nevertheless, China cannot have been enthusiastic about the recognition of the ‘independent people’s republics’ of Luhansk and Donetsk that followed a few days later, the war that was about to begin and the inherent potential for chaos in the international system and the global economy.
Read more
#120 FEPS Talks Podcast
The politics of care

🎙️To explore the different care inequalities that directly feed into gender imbalances across all spheres of life, Labour MP for Birmingham and Shadow Minister Jess Phillips is interviewed by Laeticia Thissen (FEPS Policy Analyst for Gender Equality).

Building on the realities made evident by the EU Care Atlas by FEPS and the Friedrich-Ebert Stiftung and the complex relationship between motherhood and equality, this podcast focuses on how care deficits permeate into various other gender gaps, including politics. It explores how female politicians have a central role in changing conventional ways of doing politics and in shifting the priorities towards a care-oriented society.

🎧 Listen to this podcast on Spotify | Apple Podcast | Website

ℹ️ Find out more about FEPS work on care: #Care4Care

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