Brian SHAEV is University Lecturer in the Institute for History at Leiden University where he teaches the History of European Integration and courses on European Politics and social policy and migration in the European Union. He has published articles on socialist parties and the Schuman Plan (International Review for Social History, 2016), the Algerian War (French Historical Studies, 2018), the Treaties of Rome (Contemporary European History, 2018), and transnationalism in the 1950s (History of European Ideas, 2020). He was principle investigator for a Swedish research project comparing city policies and responses for migrant reception and integration in postwar Europe and is an editorial board member of the Journal of Migration History. Currently he is preparing a monograph titled Transnational Socialism and European Integration: The Socialist Group in the early European Parliament, 1952-1972, a co-edited book titled Social Democracy and the History of European Competition Policy: Politics, Law and Regulation, and a co-edited book titled Historical Blendings: An Entangled History of Social Democracy and Liberalism in Europe.