Andreas Dimmelmeier

Policy Analyst on Climate and Environment
Andreas Dimmelmeier works as a Policy Analyst on Climate and Environment at FEPS. He holds […]

Agnieszka Piasna

Senior Researcher, ETUI

Alicia Homs Ginel

YES President, MEP, member of the EMPL committee

Ana Pirtshkalava

YES Secretary General

Anneliese Dodds

Antonella Totaro

Researcher, University of Turin

Arne Westad

Benjamin Bratton

Catherine Woollard 

Cedric Wermuth

Chiara Armeni

Christian Testorf

Christina Colclough

Founder, The Why Not Lab

Delia Badoi

Research Fellow, ResearchInstitute for Quality of Life,Romanian Academy.

Diederik Samsom

Elina Ribakova

Elisa Gambardella

Education and Lifelong Learning Coordinator, SOLIDAR Foundation

Evelyn Logghe

YES Vice President

Félix Mailleux

Francesca Bria 

President, Italian National Innovation Fund

Guy Ryder

Helena Braun

European Commission, Member of the Cabinet of EVP Frans Timmermans

Henning Wilts

Director Circular Economy, Wuppertal Institut

Ilaria Brambilla

Inga Sabanova

Janis Brizga

Javi Lopez

S&D Member of the European Parliament

Jennifer Baker

Jens Südekum

Jeremias Adams-Prassl

Professor, University of Oxford

Jess Philips 

Joanna Bronowicka

Researcher, EuropeanUniversity Viadrina

Jos Bertrand

ESO President

Katherine Trebeck

Kathleen Van Brempt

Katja Bego

Kris Bachus

Research manager Climate and Sustainable Development, KU Leuven

Laura Sparavigna

Florence City Councillor, chair of the Education, Training andEmployment committee

Lorenza Antonucci

Associate Professor,GIGWELL

Ludovic Voet

Confederal Secretary, ETUC

Matteo de Bellis 

Matthias Weber

Director of the Competence Centre on the Future ofWork, Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung, Brussels

Miapetra Kumpula-Natri

Michelle Bachelet

Mohammed Chahim

Niels van Doorn

Assistant Professor,University of Amsterdam

Oliver Philipp

Paul Tang

Reinhard Krumm 

Sabine Pfeiffer

Professor and author of ‘Digital Capitalism and Distributive Forces’

Salma Bava

Sidonie Wetzig

Stefan Füle

Stéphane Arditi

Director of Policy Integration and Circular Economy, European EnvironmentalBureau

Stéphanie Lepczynski

Stephen Bevan

Victor Negrescu

MEP, Vice-chair of the CULT committee, President of PES ActivistsRomania, Founder Foundation for a Democratic […]

Vili Lehdonvirta

Professor of Economic Sociology and Digital SocialResearch, Oxford Internet Institute

William Neale

Adviser Circular Economy and Green Growth, European Commission DG ENV