Former Member of the European Parliament. Former Chairman of national Assembly of Bulgaria

Georgi Pirinski (b. 1948, in New York City, USA) graduated from the Sofia University of national and world economy in 1974. After graduation he served as councilor and vice minister of foreign trade until 1989. After the changes launched on November 10, 1989, he became deputy premier and co-chair of the National round table (January-May 1990). Subsequently he was a Member of Parliament (1991-2013), including as Speaker (2005-2009) and Minister of foreign affairs (1995-1996). He was a Member of the European Parliament (2014-2019). From 1990 until 2020 he was vice-chairman and member of the governing bodies of the Bulgarian socialist party. At present in semi-retirement he is President of the Solidarity Society Foundation and editor-in-chief of the “Novo vreme” journal.

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The Bulgarian parliamentary elections of 4 April and the quest for a new social contract