Ken Gude is a senior fellow in the Liberty and Security Project of the Center for American Progress, a multi-issue progressive think tank in Washington DC. He has previously worked for the Labour Party and the Institute for Public Policy Research.

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The Age of Trump

Foreign policy challenges for the left
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The 2016 US Election: looking back and the way forward

This one hurts. A lot. As regular readers of this newsletter know, I was confident […]

The Iran Deal is in Jeopardy, and Other Disasters

The Iran Deal is in Jeopardy, and Other Disasters America is still in shock—both opponents […]

A Wider Perspective on the 2016 US Election

As this is the last pre-election edition of this Newsletter, it is worth spending some […]

On the Campaign Trail

American presidential politics has crossed a Rubicon. In the span of 48 hours, the United […]

On the Campaign Trail

How had Trump survive these mistakes that would have been fatal to any other campaign?

US Elections: The Post-Policy Campaign

Trump’s campaign is built on the slogan, Make America Great Again, but he has offered no details about how he would actually do it

Millennials and the 2016 Election

The Millennial generation, those born between 1981 and 2000, is now the largest living generation […]

State of the Race: The General Election Begins

The Democratic primary is finally over. Hillary Clinton won decisively in California and New Jersey […]

Uncharted Territory: A Contested Republican Convention

The contemporary model for a party nominating convention in the United States is a celebration […]

The Year of the Anti-Establishment Insurgent

The anti-establishment campaigns of Sanders and Trump certainly share some common elements. Both Sanders and […]

Race, Religion and other social issues in the 2016 campaign

Donald Trump has dominated this campaign since his announcement speech in which he labelled Mexican […]

The New Politics of Trade

Regardless of the ultimate outcome in November, there is no question that campaigns of Donald […]

On the Campaign Trail

The most unpredictable of presidential campaigns took another unexpected turn when Ted Cruz and John […]

On The Campaign Trail

Tuesday’s New York primary produced big wins for the two frontrunners, ending what had been […]

On the Campaign Trail

For those who believed the election of President Barack Obama heralded the dawn of a […]

On the Campaign Trail: State of the Race After Super Tuesday

With the dust still settling from Super Tuesday, it is clear that there has never […]

Setting the scene: The U.S. Presidential Election After Iowa and New Hampshire

Setting the scene: The U.S. Presidential Election After Iowa and New Hampshire The 2016 presidential […]