Mathieu FULLA

Mathieu FULLA is a Research fellow at the Center for History at Sciences Po (Paris). His main research areas are the history of the West European Labour Movement and its relationship with capitalism and the state from 1945 to the present. He has published Les socialistes français et l’économie (1944–1981), Paris: Presses de Sciences Po (2016), and co-edited with Marc Lazar European Socialists and the State in the Twentieth and Twenty-First Centuries, Palgrave (2020). He has also co-edited with Michele Di Donato Leftist Internationalisms: A Transnational Political History, Bloomsbury, forthcoming (February 2023). Additionally, he has written about French socialism in media outlets such as Le Monde and The Conversation.

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Crisis and progressive politics: How to make hard choices and succeed?
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The rise and fall of French Socialism as a national party of government