Financial Markets Director, Initiative for Policy Dialogue, Columbia University

Stephany Griffith-Jones is an economist specialising in international finance and development, with emphasis on reform of the international financial system, specifically in relation to financial regulation, global governance and international capital flows. She is currently Board Member of the Central Bank of Chile. She was financial markets director at Columbia’s Initiative for Policy Dialogue and associate fellow at the Overseas Development Institute. Previously she was professorial fellow at the Institute of Development Studies at Sussex University.

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The Role of the EIB in the Green Transformation


For the many, not the few: a Progressive Model for Trade and Investment


Beyond Brexit: The Left’s agenda for the UK and the EU


Taking Article 50 for UK Parliamentary approval can improve UK deal

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Shadows and lights at Madrid’s COP25

Important progress was nevertheless made at COP25 on how to most effectively use institutions like public development banks to fund the transition to a zero carbon economy by 2050
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European and National Development Banks for the Green Transition #1

Financing the EU Green Deal - Policy Breakfast #1
04 - 05/05/2017
London, UK

Income distribution, investment and sustainability

23 - 24/04/2016
London, UK

Investment Policies for Sustainable Growth

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#79 FEPS Talks ‘Investment policy and the role of the EIB’