Honorary Secretary of the European Parliament Former Members Association (FMA) and Member of the European Parliament from 2004 to 2014

Professor of Computer Science and AI, UIB. Chair of the BSC-Science Policy Advisory Board. Honorary Secretary of the Management Committee, EP-FMA. President of the IB-Council of the European Movement.

MEP (2004-2014): EP-Rapporteur for Horizon 2020. Chair of the Expert Panel for the interim evaluation of the ICT components of Horizon 2020, EC (2016-2017) Member of the RISE-Advisory Group of Commissioner for Research, Innovation and Science, EC (2014-2019).

MP (1996-2004). Member of NATO PA (2000-2004): Science and Technology Committee Vice-President and General Rapporteur. Member of de IB Parliament (1987-1996).

Professor at UPC (1974-1986). Research Associate, UC- Berkeley (1981 and 1982). Visiting Researcher, Carnegie Mellon University (1989). Director of the Business and Computer Sciences School, UIB (1986-1990).

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