A new direction for the EU: comparing its deficits to concrete progressive proposals

The very creation of the European project was forced from ‘above’ to the people. The […]

Policy Brief


The very creation of the European project was forced from ‘above’ to the people. The vast majority of Europeans remains indifferent and oblivious about the function of the Union. If we are to confront populist arguments advocating its disintegration, we need to engage emotionally the citizens of the continent to the unifying process which defines its fate. We need to create a new identity encapsulating the essence of what it means to be European. Its holders could thus hopefully become proud enough as to embark more actively on European affairs. In addition, to achieve this, people have to be convinced that European politics can address their socio-economic problems and improve their everyday life. I will be suggesting certain ideological, institutional and methodological paths for the EU to address its relevant political, functional, epistemological and philosophical deficits. Such deficits will be described as major obstacles which, if not addressed, will continue to undermine a ‘bottom up’ approach to European politics; an approach which seems inevitable if we aim to reconcile Europeans with Europeanisation.

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