Baltic Regional Meeting on Climate Justice

Tallinn (Estonia), 18 March 2022, from 13:30 CET The findings from 6th assessment report of the […]


Tallinn (Estonia), 18 March 2022, from 13:30 CET

The findings from 6th assessment report of the IPCC and the increased frequency of climate change related extreme weather events in Europe and the world have highlighted that a scaled up and rapid transition towards decarbonized economy is urgently needed on a global scale. In addition, other crucial environmental support systems are equally under threat with biodiversity loss, land degradation and the impact of chemical pollutants arriving at dangerous and in some casesirreversible levels.

To address these issues at both the global and the European level a broad shift, which covers policies in energy and transport systems but also issues such as tax reforms, digitalization and regional and urban governance, is necessary. To ensure that such a shift can materialize and enjoy the support of the people that are meant to implement it, policies need to be designed and communicated in a way that foregrounds justice and fairness. The current spike in energy prices and its impact on energy poverty across Europe make this need for a just transition even more pressing.

The meeting responds to the need to urgently develop and communicate a vision of just environmental and climate politics by bringing together researchers, progressive policymakers and foundations from the Nordic and Baltic regions and the European level.

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