Director of Studies and Policy

David supervises and coordinates FEPS’ scientific quality and consultancy capacity, ensuring the policy-relevance and impact of FEPS’ activities. 
He oversees the economic and social policy portfolios.

Before joining FEPS in 2017, David worked as research fellow at CEPS and at the Jacques Delors Institute, covering EU investment policy, economic governance and welfare policy.

David teaches European Economic Governance at the ULB Institute for European Studies and held teaching positions at the Paris College of Art (visiting professor, microeconomics) and at Bocconi University (teaching assistant, macroeconomics). He was also Senior Academic Assistant at the College of Europe, Department for European Economic Studies and worked as consultant on public finance at the Council of Europe, Social Cohesion Division.

David holds a PhD in Public Economics from the DEFAP Graduate School in Public Economics (Milan) and carried out study visits at the University of Nottingham, Bocconi University and University of Zaragoza. Internships at the Permanent Mission of Italy to the United Nations in New York and at the United Nations – Economic Commission for Africa in Addis Ababa complement his education.

The full list of publication is available on Academia.edu and ResearchGate. His op-eds are to be found on The Progressive Post and on the Huffington Post Italia.

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Progressive pathways to European strategic autonomy 

European Strategic Autonomy series

Our European Future

FEPS contribution to the Conference on the Future of Europe

Social Investment Now! Advancing Social EU through the EU Budget


The EU, Resilience and the MENA Region

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Progressive Post

Five ideas to make the EU future more social


EU economic governance needs a champion and a package solution


Can we have a political debate on the Economic Union we want?


Universal welfare for changing markets

Digital technologies and robotisation create employment opportunities - but other jobs will irrevocably be lost.

A first reaction to the Commission’s proposal on EMU Reform

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Torrés Vedrás, Portugal

Fighting the far-right

FEPS Training Session during YES Summer Camp 2024
Brussels, Belgium

The transformative power of economic democracy

Towards democratic practices in public spending, the workplace, and public services
Málaga, Spain

Champions of progress: Progressives go the extra mile for Social Europe!

PES Congress side event
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How to make the best use of the Resilience and Recovery Fund

The first results of the Recovery Watch research project were presented to the Italian public in Rome on 15 December

Prof. Stiglitz: NextGenEU was a step forward, but the EU needs more flexibility


FEPS leads a new flagship research project on EU Strategic Autonomy with top European experts

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In the media

Sulle riforme del pnrr sull’inclusione serve partecipazione dei territori

by ANSA 06/10/2022
Interview with FEPS Director of Studies and Policy David Rinaldi

Tyskland vill slopa vetorätt inom EU

by ETC 29/07/2022

Whatever it takes, dieci anni dopo

by La Stampa 26/07/2022

‘Whatever it takes’, ten years on

by Social Europe 26/07/2022
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‘The transformative power of economic democracy’ Flickr album

Leading social and employment action at the EP with Agnes Jongerius

FEPS Talks #148

Leading social and employment action at the EP with Agnes Jongerius – FEPS Talks #148

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