The Cooperation Committee of the Nordic Labour Movement, better known by its abbreviation SAMAK, is an alliance of social democratic parties and labour councils in the Nordic countries

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Key Technologies in the Digital Transformation. Towards a Social Science Taxonomy of Digital Technology

This paper by Johan Roed Steen has been commissioned as input for the FEPS SAMAK […]

Smart Cities: A Key to a Progressive Europe

This paper by Peter Bihr has been commissioned as input for the FEPS SAMAK report […]

A Progressive Approach to Digital Tech – Taking Charge of Europe’s Digital Future

How should progressives look at digital technology, at a time when it permeates every aspect […]

Rethinking social risk in the nordics

The Nordic welfare regimes have been for long characterised by effective management of social risk, […]
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Oslo, Norway (Expert meeting)

Progressive digital programme

Algorithms at the workplace

FEPS/SAMAK Digital Future project

Workshop on a progressive approach to digital technology
09 - 11/12/2014

Presentation of Nordic model 2030

Venue: Norway House.  Rue Archimède 17, B-1000 Brussels The Foundation for European Progressive Studies (FEPS), in […]
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Digital programme: Algorithms at the workplace

FEPS, together with Nordic partners, launched a Digital Program on algorithmic management and workers' rights

Project NordMod 2030

FEPS (Foundation for European Progressive Studies) in corporation with SAMAK have commissioned Fafo to lead the […]

Roundtable: Is the Nordic model a solution to get out of the crisis

The European understanding of the Nordic welfare model has often been simplified and over-optimistic. But […]