Mercedes BRESSO

Member of the European Parliament, former President of the European Committee of the Regions, former President of the European Union of Federalists, FEPS Senior Fellow

Mercedes Bresso is an Italian politician, former MEP and economist. She has been a professor of Economics and Environmental Economics at the Polytechnic and the University of Torino. Her main scientific work has focused on Ecological Economics, Economy of Tourism and Environmental Impact Assessment.
President of the Province of Torino (1995-2004) and of the Piemonte Region (2005-2010).
President of the FMCU ( Fefderation Mondiale des Cités Unies).
President of the Committee of The Regions (2010-2012)
President of the UEF (Union of European Federalists), 2004-2006
Member of the European Parliament (2004-2005 and 2014-2019)
She was rapporteur, together with H. Brok, of the report:” Building on the potential of the Lisbon Treaty”.

She has written many articles and books, mainly on Environmental Economics. Between them:

  • “Pensiero Economico e Ambiente”(Loescher)
  • “Per Una Economia Ecologica” (NIS).
  • “Travail, Espace, Pouvoir” with Claude Raffestin (L’Age d’homme)
  • “Per un’Europa Forte e Sovrana” (S&D group)
  • “I duecentocinquantamila stadi di Eratostene al tempo del virus”. (With Claude Raffestin)(Mimesis).
  • “Economia Ecologica” Jaca book, 2021
  • “Our European Future”, editor Maria Joao Rodriguez ( M. Bresso: What are the potential and limits of The Lisbon Treaty), Feps

She published also two books on Fanta ecology (Missione Last Flower, Anno luce zero) , related to the climate change crisis and numerous thrillers: (Delitti di Lago vol n. 1, 2,3,4,5, Morellini, Il lato in ombra del lago, Pintore, Il profilo del tartufo, Feltrinelli).

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