Trial and error in pandemic times

Trial and error was also observed in the great financial crisis that devastated Europe a decade ago. As soon as the first signs of a public debt crisis emerged inside the Euro area, the parade of bad ideas began.

“A decade before the Berlin Wall came down, the corrosion of the social welfare state started with the neoliberal turn”

The experience of being East German"), recounts a particular sense of homelessness in the new, western world.

Progressive Pod on Canada Elections

Podcast itw with Rick Smith, from the Broadbent Institute, regarding Canadian election’s outcomes, prospects and ambitions that especially NDP should be striving to bring forward.

Progressive Pod on Switzerland Elections

Just three days after the elections, President Aleksander Kwasniewski (in the office 1995 - 2005) shares with us his insights of the campaign.

“The question about Europe is: will this ship be repaired in the middle of the storm?”

Geert Mak: I was very happy that so many people went out and voted again!

“The technocratic approach is not credible anymore” – real debate is needed

In his recent book Luuk van Middelaar analyses how a decade of crises have shaped a new way of doing politics on the European stage.

Progressive Pod on the new way of doing politics at EU level

A podcast interview with the historian Luuk van de Middelaar on the technocratic approach at EU level which is no longer credible.

Resisting surveillance

Surveillance Capitalism uses our data for generating revenues - but without our knowledge or control.

Ones to Watch: Robert Biedroń

Robert Biedroń shakes up most stereotypes one would have about Poland and its politicians. He has been active in politics since the early 2000s.