Réka Hunyadi is Head of Communication at Greenpeace Central and Eastern Europe. Previously she was Head of Communication and Engagement at Greenpeace Hungary. She holds degrees in Communication and English, and also studied political science and social psychology. In the last fifteen years she has been working for several green NGOs in Hungary, pushing for various environmental policy changes. She has a good overview of the hottest environmental issues in Hungary and is familiar with the fundamental green debates that policy-making institutions and the non-profit environmental sector have in the country. She believes that long-term thinking with environmental ambitions, an integrative approach, and strong socioeconomic sensitivity are all key for policy-makers to address the climate and biodiversity crisis properly.

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Talking Green in Hungary

Communicating and understanding environmental policies and Just Transition
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FEPS HQ (Expert meeting)

Building a new narrative for a Just Transition

New narrative workshop & meeting of the European Alliance for a Just Transition
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Magyarokat kérdeztek a zöld kommunikációról

by 24.hu 22/05/2023
'Why do garbage collectors throw selectively collected waste into one? Hungarians were asked about green communication' Extensive article about FEPS policy study 'Talking Green in Hungary', in collaboration with Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung and Policy Solutions
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Building a new narrative for a Just Transition