Robert Ladrech is Emeritus Professor of European Politics at Keele University, UK. His research interests and publications are situated at the intersection of European Union and political party activity as well as the party politics of climate change. He is the author of Social Democracy and the Challenge of European Union (2000) and Europeanization and National Politics (2010), as well as articles in Party Politics, European Journal of Political Research, West European Politics, Environmental Politics, and others. He was awarded a Leverhulme Emeritus Fellowship in 2022 for the project ‘European Centre-Left Parties and the Challenge of Climate Change’.

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Next Left Vol.12

Progressivism after Covid: Experiences, impulses, ideas

The role of progressive European parties in the implementation of the climate agenda post COP21


Next Left Vol.10

Delivering empowered welfare societies

Next Left Vol.9

For a connecting Progressive agenda
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Progressive Post

Can the next European elections actually be about choosing alternative scenarios?

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