FEPS YAN Seminar

The FEPS Young Academics Network will meet for the 2nd session within this 4th research […]

05 - 10/11/2014
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The FEPS Young Academics Network will meet for the 2nd session within this 4th research cycle (2014-2015).

The event, held in the hospitable premises of the Renner Institute (which has been the partner of FEPS in this endeavour since 2009), will gather over 35 Members and will serve achieving 3 main objectives.

The first one is to review and accelerate the quality of the papers, which the FEPS YAN Members are elaborating within the 7 thematic groups (respectively on: “Europolity and europolitics”, “Modern understanding of Class”, “Challenges of labour”,  “Progressive Eurogovernance”, “For Democracy and Renewal”, “Gender Equality” and “Media nowadays”).

The second is set to enable inclusion of the new members and the integration of their expertise. This will surely be an inspiring exercise, providing the Network with even more diversity in terms of disciplinary and geographical representation.

And last but not least, it will provide an opportunity for the FEPS Team and for the FEPS YAN to identify the future steps, both in short and long term perspective.

Should you have further queries, please do not hesitate to visit specific section of the FEPS website, the FEPS YAN Facebook page or to contact members of the FEPS YAN Seminar Team: Giovanni Cozzi (giovanni.cozzi@feps-europe.eu), Ania Skrzypek (ania.skrzypek@feps-europe.eu) or Maari Pöim (maari.poim@feps-europe.eu). It is always possible to adhere the Network – and if you are interested, please check the “Call”.

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