Call for tender – FFP Research and network coordinator

This call for tender is now closed.



In October 2023, the ‘Feminist Foreign Policy Progressive Voices Collective‘ (FFPPVC) was formally launched with the motivation to provide an international platform for progressive-minded academics, policy experts, policy makers and civil society representatives to share their intelligence and influence policy developments on feminist foreign policy in Europe and beyond.


The purpose of this tender is to select a qualified research and network coordinator, who would be in a position to help implement the the project “European Feminist Foreign Policy: Doing Foreign Policy for All?”. In the framework of a consultancy contract, the selected person would deliver a part-time contribution to the project estimated at approximately 4-5 working days per month.

In close and regular consultation with FEPS and FES reference persons, the tasks to be fulfilled include – notwithstanding the possibility to adjust upon mutual agreement: 

  • Coordinate and engage the “Feminist Foreign Policy Progressive Voices Collective” in terms of content and under the political guidance of its co-chairs, including: 
    • organising thematic meetings with the Collective throughout 2024 (mostly online), 
    • setting thematic angles to be addressed in each meeting, 
    • ensuring the thematic and political relevance of these meetings;
  • Provide closeup guidance to the authors of the project’s policy brief series by: 
    • co-selecting adequate authors for the policy briefs series based on the related call for submissions, 
    • Consult with chosen authors on the relevant thematic framing of each policy brief, 
    • Offer close-up feedback and peer reviewing on the submitted drafts in line with FEPS-FES values,
    • Ensure consistency between the work of the Collective and the resulting policy briefs.
  • Co-design and implement an outreach strategy – which would include communicating results and promoting the outcomes (both inside of Europe and externally). 

These tasks, as described in the tender, would need to be completed between mid-February and 30 July 2024.


A non-exhaustive list of requirements and preferences would be the following: 

  • Proven expertise in research projects’ management is a requirement,
  • Proven ability to draft and review (policy) papers with high rigour is a requirement,
  • Affinity for progressive values and understanding of its political translation in the field of FFP is a requirement,
  • A network of policy stakeholders, academic experts from within the field of feminist foreign policy, and other senior actors representing women’s rights movements and civil society is an important asset,
  • Degree in gender studies, international relations, European studies, political sciences or similar is an important asset,
  • Strong communication and dissemination capacity an important asset,
  • Capacity to write and communicate fluently in English is a requirement,
  • Proven ability to deliver in a timely manner and respect the deadlines is a requirement.


Tender Process 

FEPS reserves the right to conduct the tender process and select the successful tender. FEPS is not bound contractually or in any way to a bidder to this request for tender until FEPS and the successful winner have entered into a written contract.

The key dates of this call for tender are the following: 

  1. Deadline for the submission of applications: receive the offer in writing via email by Friday, 16 February 2024 
  2. The selection committee reserves the right to schedule short exchanges to clarify unclear information
  3. Candidate(s) selection: Wednesday, 21 February 2024.
  4. Start of the service provision agreement: as soon as possible once selected.


The offer must contain: 

  • A CV of the applicant (preferably with the list of publications by that applicant),
  • A 500 to 1000 words outline of a draft of an outreach strategy focused on disseminating the results of the project withinrelevant circles of stakeholders,
  • A list of research questions that should be addressed in the meetings and/or policy briefs and relevant angles to keep in mind when peer-reviewing (one page max.)
  • An excel with a proposed costs estimate for the work, which in the assessment of FEPS should amount to approximatively4-5 working days per month.

Tender main evaluation criteria 

In non-preferential order, the evaluation criteria used to assess the quality of the applications is the following: 

Criteria 1: The quality of the outline and the understanding of how this project could be an original contribution 

Criteria 2: The relevance of the questions for the progressive family

Criteria 3: Experience in coordinating research projects

Criteria 4: A cost proposal: value per money offered by the applicant.

Criteria 5: Experience coordinating a network of civil society organisations

Offers not provided in writing via email will not be considered. 


Prices must be fixed amounts in Euro. The amount of VAT should be shown separately on the price offer and invoice. 

Costs incurred in preparing and submitting tenders are borne by the tenderers and cannot be reimbursed. 


In the case of subcontracting services to external service providers, the selection process must be disclosed to FEPS. 

For any subcontracted services to be eligible, the selection process followed by the selected candidate must result in a minimum of three written offers from potential subcontracting parties and result in a signed contract with a maximum duration that does not exceed the duration of the contract signed in execution of the present tendering process. 


In delivering the service the tenderer shall ensure the highest quality standards of which FEPS shall be the sole judge. 


If the above request is of interest to you, we invite you to liaise Euléane Omez, FEPS Project Management Coordinator at 

All written offers must be submitted to: David Rinaldi, FEPS Director of Studies and Policy (, Laeticia Thissen, FEPS Senior Policy Analyst for Gender Equality ( and Euléane Omez, FEPS Project Management Coordinator ( putting in copy Johan Robberecht, FEPS Director of Operations, ( and Catherine Dubois, FEPS Head of accountancy (  


Foundation of European Progressive Studies (FEPS)
Avenue des Arts, 46 1000 Brussels 

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Call for tender – FFP Research and network coordinator

This call for tender is now closed.

Call for submissions – FFPPVC policy brief series

This call for tender closed on 16/02/2024
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