A Young and Fresh look at the EU Fiscal Future

An economic governance for future generation

12:30 - 13:30
FEPS Headquarters, Brussels

A Young and Fresh look at the EU Fiscal Future: an economic governance for future generation

What kind of reform of the European fiscal rules are in the interest of younger people and future generations? A focus on debt reduction and fiscal sustainability, or an emphasis on enabling green investments?

The European fiscal rules are still suspended due to the multiple crises, but may be reactivated in 2024. They need to be reformed in order to prevent a risk of returning austerity. In the euro crisis, austerity has led to social hardship, favoured the rise of populism and even exacerbated the debt burden by stalling the economy. Therefore, a reform is urgently needed. But how can the European fiscal rules be reformed? And how can we create sufficient fiscal capacity to finance the just transition that is urgently needed for younger people and future generations?

Experts from the European Environmental Bureau (EEB), Finance Watch, European Youth Forum (EYF), FiscalFuture (FF), FEPS and other organizations discussed these questions together with young people, amongst them Grant holders from the German Friedrich Ebert Foundation.

· Katy Wiese, EEB
· Thomas Desdouits, EYF
· Ludovic Suttor-Sorel, Finance Watch
· Carl Muehlbach, FiscalFuture

Fiscal Future
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By FEPS and Initiative for Policy Dialogue (IPD), founded by Nobel Laureate Joseph E. Stiglitz.
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A Young and Fresh look at the EU Fiscal Future

An economic governance for future generation
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