The path towards a socially just Fit for 55 Package

An Analysis of the Inclusion of Social Considerations into Key Legislative Files

09:00 - 12:00
FEPS HQ (Closed-door)
The path towards a socially just Fit for 55 Package

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The path towards a socially Just Fit for 55: An analysis of the inclusion of social considerations into key legislative files

Social considerations have become increasingly prominent in the European Parliament’s work on the Fit for 55 Package. However, differences in emphasis on which social aspects should be addressed persist across political groups, committees and legislative files. In addition, there are different perceptions of how regressive distributional impacts can best be avoided. For instance, some emphasise compensatory measures, while others focus on employment or the provision of basic services and public goods. More recently, debates have also addressed questions around structural issues, such as the lack of representation and access as well as discrimination and disadvantages.

To map out how the inclusion of social issues into European climate policy has taken place in the European Parliament, the “Experts Meet Policymakers Exchange” aims to foster a dialogue between members of different political groups, researchers and policy experts. Members of the European Parliament are invited to share their reflections on how they have conceptualised the social dimension, which social issues they regard as most important, and how they have translated their ideas into concrete policy proposals in the four legislative files that are addressed in this research project. In addition, participants are invited to share their views on how the meaning of the social aspects in the fit for 55 package is evolving in the changing (geo-) political context.

The discussion will provide crucial inputs to the research project and highlight the role of the European Parliament in shaping the meaning of the social dimension of climate policy through concrete policy interventions. In addition, participants are invited to actively contribute further to the evolution of the project through follow-up interviews and by providing feedback to the researchers.

The meeting will take place on 27 September (Tuesday), from 9:00 to 12:00, at FEPS headquarters located on Avenue des Arts 46, 5th floor, 1000 Brussels.

If you are interested in attending the event, please contact Thainá Leite at

Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership
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