Laeticia THISSEN

Senior Policy Analyst on Gender Equality

Laeticia Thissen works as a Senior Policy Analyst for Gender Equality at Foundation for European Progressive Studies (FEPS) where she is in charge of the foundation’s work related to women’s rights, equality and anti-discrimination issues. Over the years, her work has focused on topics ranging from gender injustice to care work and gender-based violence. Before joining FEPS, she worked in the European Committee of the Regions and in the European Parliament. She holds a Master’s degree in European Studies from Maastricht University and in Gender Studies from ULB (Université Libre de Bruxelles). Additionally, she completed a post-academic specialisation course on ‘Migration, Ethnic Diversity and Intercultural Relationships’ and is a member of the Brussels Binder network, an initiative committed to improving gender diversity in policy debates and promoting women’s voices.

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Abortion in the European Union

Actors, issues and discourse

The European Care Strategy

A chance to ensure inclusive care for all?

Towards a care-led recovery for the EU?

Recovery Watch series

The EU and gender equality

FEPS Primers series - Agnès Hubert
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One is not born (un)productive, one becomes so

Echoing the famous feminist mantra ‘one is not born, but rather becomes a woman’ this […]

Interview with Marta Lempart

Although women’s rights and gender equality have been in principle recognised as fundamental human rights, […]
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Vienna, Austria

Supporting rather than criminalising women

A European perspective on access to abortion issue

Walking the talk

Feminist Foreign Policy in action
25 - 26/08/2023
Korčula, Croatia (Hybrid)

Korčula School 2023

Transforming politics through a gender lens
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The Feminist Foreign Policy Progressive Voices Collective (FFPPC)

A collective to promote a feminist and progressive approach to foreign policy

A credible future beyond growth has to be feminist

This article was first published on EUobserver

When will European women start earning the same as men?

Spoiler alert: that day hasn’t arrived yet
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In the media

Pay transparency can help close the gender pay gap but at what cost?

by Euronews 31/08/2022

How many inequalities can the world fight at the same time?

by Social Europe 07/07/2022

Rebutting the assaults on gender equality

by Social Europe 08/03/2022
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Abortion in the EU – Book summary

This video guides us through the pages of Bérengère Marques-Pereira’s book, ‘Abortion in the EU. […]

“A credible future #BeyondGrowth is a feminist future” Laeticia Thissen

Speech by Laeticia Thissen, FEPS Policy Analyst on Gender Equality, at the #BeyondGrowth conference in […]

Feminist Framework for the Secretary General’s report “Our Common Agenda”

This interactive panel presented a feminist analysis of the UN Secretary General’s “Our Common Agenda” […]
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