The future of foreign policy is feminist

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The future of foreign policy is feminist

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To continue our ongoing conversation on Feminist Foreign policy, FEPS was delighted to host Kristina Lunz, Activist and political scientist, for a reading of her book “The Future of Foreign Policy Is Feminist”.

As argued by the author in the book, a feminist foreign policy requires the promotion of equal rights in the handling of foreign affairs and security matters worldwide, with a particular focus on marginalized and politically underrepresented groups. Ultimately, this is nothing less than an inclusive, visionary policy for the twenty-first century, one where security and prosperity, health and climate justice are possible – in other words: where peace is possible for everyone, everywhere.


In her work from New York to Bogotá, from Germany to Myanmar, Kristina Lunz became aware of a stubborn unwillingness to think past the status quo and to embrace new, innovative voices from marginalized groups. She also saw that the tradition of feminist activism combined brilliantly with diplomacy: both require grim tenacity, boundless creativity and a solutions-oriented approach. In her attempt to reconfigure the field of foreign policy, she aims to set in motion a paradigm shift, replacing grandiose displays of military might with feminism, solidarity and climate justice

As patriarchal systems continue to dominate the national and international stages, the needs of women and minorities are constantly ignored. International politics are shaped by a ruthless competition for advantage, and the world is full of conflicts, crises and wars. Things have to change.


15h30 – Welcome remark 

15h40 – Book Presentation 

16h00 – Interactive discussion with the audience 

16h20 – Closing

Drinks and Networking

Event moderated by Laeticia Thissen, FEPS Senior Policy Analyst on Gender Equality

For more information, please contact Euléane Omez,

The Centre for Feminist Foreign Policy (CFFP)
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