Former Policy Analyst on Climate and Environment

Andreas Dimmelmeier worked as a Policy Analyst on Climate and Environment at FEPS. He holds a PhD in Political Science and Political Economy from Copenhagen Business School and the University of Warwick.

His doctoral research focused on the expert networks in the emergence of sustainable finance, the role that economic ideas played in this process, and how socio-technical tools such as standards, metrics, and scenarios have made sustainable finance governable.

Andreas has published on the interactions between finance and financial regulation and the transition towards a sustainable economy in international peer-reviewed academic journals and edited volumes. In addition, he has contributed to policy reports and policy briefs on these topics.

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Talking Green in Europe

Lessons on re-framing the public debate on the climate crisis

The Circular Economy and Green Jobs in the EU and Beyond


Rethinking Scenario Analysis from a Green and Social Perspective


The Shadow Gn – The ways out of the crisis and the building of a more cohesive world

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FEPS HQ, Brussels

Builders of Progress: Europe’s Next Gen survey launch

Europe’s most extensive youth-focused survey
03 - 04/06/2022
Stockholm (Sweden)

Just Transition: The path to a healthy planet for the prosperity of all

Brussels (Belgium)

Circular Economy Book Launch

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In the media

The circular economy and green jobs

by Encompass 25/05/2022
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Breaking down the silos

#119 FEPS Talks ‘The Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism in the EU and the World’

#115 FEPS Talks ‘The Wellbeing Economy: inclusive decision making, indicators and policies’

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