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Before joining FEPS, Gerard served as a political secretary and director of the Vooruit movement in the Brussels Parliament, as well as a senior policy advisor in the European Parliament. His experience in the private sector includes roles as an operational manager and marketeer at ING Bank, and he was co-founder of a political start-up. Recently, he has been active in setting up digital initiatives to promote a public space on the internet.

Gerard holds a Master in European Social Policy from the London School of Economics and a LLM in Private Law from Leiden University.

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Algorithms by and for the workers

Digital Programme: Algorithms at the workplace

Employment terms of platform workers

Digital Programme: Algorithms at the workplace

Is the digital transition a lever for structural reforms or does it reinforce the divide?

Recovery Watch series
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The rise of algorithmic management, from platform economy to traditional sectors

Webinar on platform work and algorithms at the workplace
Helsinki, Finland

Algorithms in the Workplace

Breakfast roundtable
Westminster, UK (Expert meeting)

The domestic impact of geopolitical shifts

FEPS and Progressive Britain roundtable
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In the media

AI, platforms and (human) workers’ rights

by Social Europe 07/07/2023
In Social Europe' article, Gerard Rinse Oosterwijk, FEPS Policy Analyst on Digital, talks about the efforts to regulate AI undertaken by the EU and highlights the importance to grasp this opportunity to set the rules for a human-centric approach
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‘Algorithms in the Workplace’ Flickr album

Shaping Europe’s digital model Flickr album

‘Transforming capitalism in the Age of AI’ Flickr album

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